The Dillinger Escape plan- Irony is a Dead Scene

The Dillinger Escape plan Irony is a Dead Scene:

Mike Patton and Dillinger Escape Plan come together for a single E.P. which stands out as both artists best work. Dillinger has always been plagued by crappy vocalists, and luckily they caught Mike Patton during one of those brief time periods where he’d rather sing than make obnoxious sound effects. As usual Dillinger’s brand of Math Rock is vicious as it is complex. Patton adds not only some of his best lyrics and vocals, but also keyboards and other electronic doo dads. For five songs one is reminded of the potential both these artists have.

Rating: 14/15 Please Please Please make a full length album points


  1. um………….i believe it’s four songs…


    • You’re right Tim, but you’re still an asshole

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