Johnny Cash-Remixed

Johnny Cash Remixed:

Apparently Cash’s son and Snoop Dogg thought this was a good idea, how wrong they were.

Rating: 4/15 Sobbing corpses of Johnny Cash

Morrissey- Years of Refusal

Morrissey Years of Refusal:

Moz returns with another collection pseudo sardonic butt-rock tunes. The single, “I’m throwing my arms around Paris,” is lyrically and musically similar to Celine Dion. In the battle between Morrissey’s solo career, and whatever lame indie band Johnny Marr has lent his previously interesting guitar work to, nobody wins. Especially not the listeners.

Rating 6/15: Fruitless arguments about Morrissey’s sexual orientation

Laura Cantrell- Humming by The Flowered Vine

Laura Cantrell Humming by The Flowered Vine:

A singers who’s sweet soft voice is as defiant and powerful as they come. Cantrell’s subject matter covers everything from war to having a crush on someone you’re too shy to talk to. The earnestness and accuracy of her lyrics is astounding as is her choice of backing musicians and recording engineers. Arguably the most important country singer active today.

Rating 15/15 Prayers for the demise of CMT

Across Tundras – Lonesome Wails From The Weeping Willow

Across Tundras Lonesome Wails From The Weeping Willow:

If Electric Wizard ever played bluegrass, this what it would sound like.

Rating: 13/15 tripping cowboys

Tahiti Boy and The Palmtree Family-EP

Tahiti Boy and The Palmtree Family EP:

This album hasn’t been released yet, but after listening to thirty seconds of the song 1973 I feel qualified to bash any and all output this band, its members, and scene affiliates may ever produce. Nothing, and I mean nothing pisses me of more than grown men making twee pop with string and woodwind sections. If they were making this kind of music for a children’s television show, I’d still be put off, but this music is meant for consumption by other adults. Adult men and women see this band live then go home together. The human condition and the world which we experience provide nearly endless interesting subject matter to be explored. If you experience the world around you and the ideas that the human mind is capable of, and come out of that process wanting to write cutesy songs about little birdies and flowers set to music videos with dancing puppets, then you are an insult to the human race’s artistic capabilities. Sesame Street contains more challenging ideas than this bullshit band. If you like this band you are wrong, and I advise you to stop listening to them, because the next step has to be diaper fetishism.

0/15 Redeeming artistic qualities

The Lonely Island – Incredibad

The Lonely Island Incredibad:

Comedy music albums tend to suck. This album manages to suck ten fold because not only is it a comedy music album, its an SNL comedy rap album. So that means about three fourths of this is just completely unfunny. The few songs that have a trace of humor in them are unfunny due to being over played or one note joke. Really wasn’t “Dick In A Box” just lame the second time around? The only song worth listening to at all is “I’m On A Boat” and that’s because we get to hear T-Pain croon about copulating with a mermaid.

Rating: 1/15 Lame attempts at humor from a moldy show that should have been canceled in 2000

Black Moth Super Rainbows- Drippers

Black Moth Super Rainbow Drippers:

A group of Hate Edge punk rockers righteously espousing the use of any and all substances.

Rating: 13/15 No Poison For Life XXX neck tattoos