Thank God – For Pregnant Virgins E.P.

Thank God For Pregnant Virgins E.P.:

This is just messy, sloppy, spastic hardcore that doesn’t care about the scene. It just charges forward with abandonment screeching and snarling at you, then suddenly stopping and softly chanting before descending into hideous feedback. Kind of like my mom.

Rating: 11/15 seizures on stage

Evil Nine – They Live

Evil Nine They Live:

After hiding under a rock for a few years, Evil Nine popped back out with a zombie themed album. Yeah zombie electro and it works really well. Some cuts sounds like “Thriller” bonus tracks and others are just straight up good electronica. You know it’s good when they coax a good rap out of El-P. Perfect for your next Ecstasy fueled Halloween party.

Rating: 13/15 606 cowbells

Toots and The Maytals-In the Dark

Toots and The Maytals In the Dark:

If you want to groove, this record is for you. A perfect mixture of funky reggae and soulful vocals. The albums tracks are usually upbeat dance tunes or mournful pieces filled with yearning and heartbreak. If you’re looking for Reggae less Westernized than Bob Marley, but not as out there as Lee “Scratch” Perry, than this ones for you.

Rating 13/15 Sweet sweet vocal harmonies

Teenage Jesus and The Jerks-Everything

Teenage Jesus and The Jerks Everything:

Loud atonal music from one of the original No Wave bands. The album consists primarily of Lydia Lunch going apeshit over a minimalistic rhythm section. Some of these tracks have not stood the test of time, and others suffer from poor recording quality. However, tracks such as orphans are absolutely ferocious. The importance of this album cannot be denied, its just too bad better quality recordings don’t exist.Worth the listen, especially for aspiring guitarists and singers.

Rating 11/15 Richard Kern films

Caroliner-Our American Heritage Volume 1

Caroliner Our American Heritage Volume 1:

Some weird people in day-glo costumes haphazardly bashing their instruments while another weirdo rants about the eighteen hundreds. Some people equate the general unpleasantness of an album with the quality and artistic relevance of an album, these people are morons. If you are one of those morons buy this album.

Rating: 4/15 Old timey bucket wranglin’ jangles

Grouper – Dragging A Dead Deer Up A Hill

Grouper Dragging A Dead Deer Up A Hill:

This is what Mazzy Star hanging out with Jesu would sound like, yet somehow more boring. The girl can sing, but the album just drones on and not in a good way.

Rating: 9/15 Quaaludes


Arcwelder Everest:

A poppier version of Shellac with better vocal work. Scott MacDonald lays down sick beats while doing much of the vocal work simultaneously. After a long break Arcwelder has been sporadically playing shows recently, catch them if you can.

Rating: 13/15 Aluminum neck guitars


Grinderman Selftitled:

The soundtrack to Nick Caves creepy paedo-stache. For misguided hipsters only.

Rating: 6/15 Grandpa goths

Fugazi-The Argument

Fugazi The Argument:

Musically pretty good, but not as good as previous Fugazi releases. Lyrically one of their weakest. Not an awful album, but I’m glad they chose to shove off after this one.

Rating: 10/15 I want outs

Old Man Gloom – Seminar II: The Holy Rites of Primitivism Regression

Old Man Gloom Seminar II: The Holy Rites of Primitivism Regression:

So heavy, loud, and crushing that it causes thunderstorms when listened to.

Rating: 14/15 cyclopes made of pure feedback