Make Do and Mend – Bodies of Water EP

Make Do and Mend Bodies of Water EP:

Really good melodic Hardcore. Intelligent lyrics are backed by decent musicianship crating an enjoyable EP. Can’t wait to hear more from this band, they seemed poised to pick up the crown of most interesting hardcore band that Modern Life Is War dropped when they broke up.

Rating: 13/15 actually interesting things to say

Pink Razors – Leave Alive

Pink Razors Leave Alive:

Lame generic pop punk. Sadly there’s not much more to it than that. Oh wait, some female vocals.

Rating: 5/15 goofy haircuts and awkward myspace photos

Ignominious Incarceration – Of Winter Born

Ignominious Incarceration Of Winter Born:

This sounds like At The Gates, much like the thousand other melodic death metal albums that sound like At The Gates.

Rating: 6/15 goofy attempts at a brutal band name

Cynic-Traced in Air

Cynic Traced in Air:

A jumbled cluster-fuck of influences that comes out sounding like Dream Theater without the chops. The vocals are a true low point. Several times an effects treated vocal will come in, and another falsetto vocal will try and harmonize. The falsetto vocal never quite makes it so the listener is treated to some pseudo prog riffing topped by one singer that sounds like hes singing into a robots asshole mixed with another singer who’s singing in a high voice, and is off key. Way to go guys.

Rating 5/15: failed attempts at overblown prog-metal

Zombi-Spirit Animals

Zombi Spirit Animals:

Sounds like the soundtrack to a mid-nineties Megaman game, except more midi.

Rating: 6/15 Robot bats

Misery Index-Traitors

Misery Index Traitors:

Sounds like Napalm Death with a dash of Pantera. Generic and boring, theres plenty of bands that sound like this but better.

Rating: 9/15 Its been done points

Fen-The Malediction Fields

Fen The Malediction Fields:

Creepy Black Metal guy gets hands on synth, Halloween sounds cd, and sings like Morrissey.

Rating: 4/15 Prayers for the Apocalypse