Owl City-Of June

Owl City Of June:

Postal Service with a bigger pussy singing in that popular nasally whine voice.

Rating: 3/15 Loyal youtube fanbases

Miniature Tigers-Tell it to The Volcano

Miniature Tigers Tell it to The Volcano:

Intentionally boring indie pop with vague world music aspirations.

Rating: -2/15 Anti its cool to be boring points

Mr Scruff-Ninja Tuna

Mr Scruff Ninja Tuna:

The adventures of fart synth and generic beat, with some cool samples thrown in for balance.

Rating: 10/15 Album names that lower your points before I’ve heard the album

Abe Vigoda-Reviver

Abe Vigoda Reviver:

Danceable post-punk with some cool guitar lines. The vocals are delivered well, but often have a weird bubbly sound added to them. The production leaves a little to be desired, but overall a good listen.

Rating: 12/15 Things with the words dance and punk in their description that don’t suck

Nine Inch Nails-All That Could Have Been

Nine Inch Nails All That Could Have Been:

Great live disk. All the tracks from The Downward Spiral and The Fragile are at least as good as the album tracks. The tracks from Pretty Hate Machine, go far beyond the originals. The production couldn’t be better, and Trent and his ensemble are in top form. Say what you want about their studio releases, but Nine Inch Nails bring an energy to the stage like few others.

Rating: 14/15 Innovative financial decisions

The New Year-Selftitled

The New Year Selftitled:

Mopey mope piano centered indie pop. Like a more depressing Ben Folds.

Rating: 3/15 Saddy sad faces

Dan Auerbach-Keep it hidden

Dan Auerbach Keep it Hidden:

More laid back than his work with The Black Keys, Auerbach stretches out a little and records a decent disk. No big surprises.

Rating 12/15 Legit beards


Graveyard Selftitled:

Graveyard is to rock what Ikea is to furniture

Rating: 7/15 snickers at funny accents

Castlemusic-You Can’t Take Anyone

Castlemusic You Can’t Take Anyone:

Folky Indie pop. Interesting piano and guitar parts, but weak on the vocals.

Rating: 10/15 Sing it like you mean it points

Bottomless Pit-Hammer of The Gods

Bottomless Pit Hammer of The Gods: The remnants of Silkworm join with two new dudes and make one kick ass, albeit a little short, record. The interplay between guitar, bass, baritone guitar almost steals the light from the exemplary lyrics in some spots. I doubt T Midgett and Andy Cohen will ever stop making great records.

Rating: 15/15 Real music fans that miss Mike.