Connor Oberst-Connor Oberst

Connor Oberst Connor Oberst:

Perpetual thirteen year-old continues making lame imitations of out of date styles of music.

Rating: -10/15 artistic value points

Outrageous Cherry-Universal Malcontent

Outrageous Cherry Universal Malcontent:

Sounds like a bad-ass classic rock radio station.

Rating: 11/15 fuzzed out guitars

M. Ward-Hold Time

M. Ward Hold Time:

Amazing guitar playing and guest vocals, on this largely acoustic indie release. Wards vocals and lyrics fit the mellow vibe of the album, but aren’t my favorite. A strong release from a great artist.

Rating: 12/15 Slide solos

The Acorn-The Heron Act

The Acorn The Heron Act:

Acoustic indie pop, with a good balance between slower Iron and Wine sections with more up-tempo shuffles. Considering many of these tracks are live recordings, the recording quality is exceptional, and speaks volumes of The Acorn’s capability as performers.

Rating: 12/15 parts of trees utilized in reproduction

Sweet Cobra – Forever

Sweet Cobra Forever:

Sludgy Rock that’s pretty good. This isn’t earth-shattering and after two tracks, you’ve heard all there is to this album. Still if your friend puts it on in the car, you’re not going to complain. I suspect this band slays live.

Rating: 10/15 deep dish pizzas covered in mud

Burst – Conquest: Writhe

Burst Conquest: Writhe:

These guys try, ya gotta give em that. Yet sadly that’s not enough to make this album really good. They try to be progressive, hell they even have Merzbow show up. But still it’s kinda boring and just very meh. Also may I suggest the vocalist try screaming a different way? It may help in the future.

Rating: 9/15 great ideas, just bad execution

Crime Desire – We Hate All Life

Crime Desire We Hate All Life:

The best thing about this album is how short it is. Basically it’s the Locust minus anything interesting, so you get spazzy shouts and crazy guitar playing but somehow it all becomes one long, annoying song. Sweet job dudes!

Rating: 3/15 lack of musical talents disguised as creativity