Extortion – Terminal Cancer EP

Extortion Terminal Cancer EP:

Your usual Power Violence album. That means it’s loud, fast, angry, and poorly recorded. Gets old quickly, but still fun to listen to once in a while.

Rating: 9/15 better song titles than actual songs

Lithops-Ye Viols!

Lihops Ye Viols!:

An interesting variety of electronic music, ranging from minimalist influenced works, to near sound collages. Overall a decent listen, but some of the keyboard tones could complement the compositions better, if they were a little less harsh.

Rating: 11/15 Bloops and Loops

Carpathian – Isolation

Carpathian Isolation:

This is decent melodic hardcore. It does what that well, but doesn’t do anything new or different. Sometimes you don’t need to though to make an enjoyable album.

Rating: 11/15 dues with Bane Hoodies

Holywater – Tranquility

Holywater Tranquility:

A bunch of dudes woke up and went “Let’s out wuss Aereogramme.” They succeeded in that.

Rating: 2/10 effeminate men whining

All Else Failed – Good Enough For The Girls We Roll With

All Else Failed Good Enough For The Girls We Roll With:

Sounds like Unsane with worse recording quality. Kinda a shame since there are some really cool tracks, but they are marred by tinny vocals and weak drums.

Rating: 9/15 needs some re-mastering.

Sin Fang Bous-Clangour

Sin Fang Bous Clangour:

Indie Pop cult rock. Creepy chanted vocals sing really bad lyrics over creepy sound effects and acoustic guitars.

Rating: 6/15 Animal Collective level creepiness points