Shellac-1000 Hurts

Shellac 1000 Hurts:

Shellac make tense dissonant music, perfect for seething anger as opposed to the explosive kind. Albini and Weston’s lyrics are usually snide and occasionally heart-felt. The album drags a little due to the constant dissonance and similarity of lyrical themes and delivery. Still an impressive disk.

Rating: 13/15 Steve Albinis

Brian Eno-Apollo

Brian Eno Apollo:

Strong ambient album. Eno’s brother Robert contributes a bit adding some movement to Eno’s solid, but fairly uneventful drones.

Rating: 12/15 Moon craters

The Beatles-Love

The Beatles Love:

The more experimental tracks on this album suck, but on tracks where the remixing serves to complement the original piece, I am the Walrus and Lady Madonna for example, the results are pretty kick-ass. A bit of a stinker over all, but their are a few really good tracks.

Rating: 9/15 the best two are dead points.

Old Man Gloom-Christmas

Old Man Gloom Christmas:

Old Man Gloom continue their trend of making droney metal-core, except this time around they add droney accordion-core to the mix.

Rating: 12/15 down tuned sludge epics

Glenn Branca-Hallucination City

Glenn Branca Hallucination City:

Branca explores frequencies not found in the western scale with a 100 piece electric guitar orchestra. Varies from the most gorgeous harmonies you’ll ever hear, to some of the scariest and back again. Really interesting listen, but some horribly dissonant noises don’t need to be held for that long.

Rating: 12/15 Theoretical Girls

Pendrecki-For The Victims of Hiroshima

Pendrecki For The Victims of Hiroshima:

Pendrecki effectively makes an orchestra sound like screams of horror, bombs, gunfire, and all things terrible. Genuinely scary music, and a fitting tribute to a terrible event in human history.

Rating: 13/15 nausea inducing chords

MC Chris-MC Chris is Dead

MC Chris- MC Chris is Dead:

Never has been funny isn’t funny and never will be funny. The fact that he is making a living making not funny fake hip hop makes me question the validity of Humanism as a moral viewpoint.

Rating: 0/15 Humor points