Crom – Hot Sumerian Nights

Crom Hot Sumerian Nights:

If Manowar ever played Power violence fused with sludge and added Connan samples, then this would be the album they would write.

Rating: 13/15 oiled, muscular dudes



Here is a rare album: an experimental rap album that’s good. It’s tough describing this album since it’s constantly changing through out. What I’m going to say is that it is well through out and executed. The beats are at first very minimalist, but upon further listens reveal more depth. The songs change scope from what seems to be pure abstractive poetry to then very direct political or personal messages and then back to the abstract. The vocals are delivered in a variety of styles, from what sound like sound collages to spoken wor to even legitimate rapping. While many albums like this are challenges to listen to, this one flows so well that one can hear the whole album over and over without becoming bored.

Rating: 15/15 not enough songs about hoes

Nine Inch Nails – Y34RZ3R0R3M1X3D

Nine Inch Nails Y34RZ3R0R3M1X3D:

It’s like a kids movie: Trent Reznor wrote a decent album, it just required the help of his friends to bring it out.

Rating: 12/15 album titles that hurt the eyes.

Circle Jerks-Shower of Golden Hits

Circle Jerks Shower of Golden Hits:

Nothing innovative here, just a solid album of LA 1980’s hardcore. Recording quality is great for the genre, and this disk may hold the test of time better than much of the work of Keith Morrison’s old band Black Flag.

Rating: 13/15 slam-dancing punks

Steve Vai-Passion and Warfare

Steve Vai Passion and Warfare:

Some cool soloing, but everything else is fairly boring. Vai in a band, with Zappa for instance,  is great, but this like most of his solo work is big on technicality, but small on taste. Still worth the purchase, double so if you’re an aspiring guitarist.

Rating: 9/15 goofy song names

Neil Young-On The Beach

Neil Young On The Beach:

Eight tracks of a man, and his flawless backing band, revealing his life’s most difficult moments, contemplating them, and starting to move on. Inspirational to say the least.

Rating: 14/15 Yellow Shirts

Parliament-Mothership Connection

Parliament Mothership Connection:

Possibly the funkiest album ever made. Filled with dance-able tunes top notch musicianship, and a sci-fi theme. If you want to dance you can’t do much better than this album.

Rating: 15/15 Funkaliciourumpocologists.

Sonny Sharrock-Ask The Ages

Sonny Sharrock Ask The Ages:

Strong solos from one of the noisiest and most intense jazz guitarists to ever live, covers up his fairly bland overly repetitive compositions with said inspired soloing.

Rating: 11/15 loop de loops

John Zorn-Hemophiliac

John Zorn Hemophiliac:

An improvised set with Zorn on sax Mike Patton on vocals and Ikue Mori on lap-top. Proves that all three can make really beautiful music, but prefer to make lots of shitty noise.

Rating: 9/15 piercing squeals

John Fahey-The Yellow Princess

John Fahey The Yellow Princess:

An album of finger-picked acoustic guitar where Fahey explores not only traditional folk and blues picking styles, but also integrates Indian rags and themes and ideas taken from modern classical music. Pleasant enough to put on as background music and complex enough to study and ponder.

Rating: 13/15 Irish Setters