Bricolage-Turn U Over

Bricolage Turn U Over:

Another indie pop band trying to be The Smiths 25 years too late, and without the musical chops.

Rating: 3/15 Quit before you become popular, and really embarrass yourself

Negative Approach-Tied Down

Negative Approach Tied Down:

One of the most vicious acts to emerge from 80’s hardcore. John Brannon’s nihilistic lyrics and hoarse yell mesh perfectly with the bands simple yet inventive approach to three chord punk. Unfortunately these guys haven’t been canonized to the extent that Black Flag, Minor Threat and The Dead Kennedys have. Negative Approaches material matches or exceeds the contributions of any of those more well known groups, pick this one up and find that out for yourself.

Rating: 15/15 one man slam dances


Tomahawk Anonymous:

A band of guys used to tackling noise-rock and various forms of metal interpret Native American hymns and chants. Mike Patton actually sings which is always a plus. The end result is dark and mystifying as the source material carries with it a verifiable ton of cultural association and often related to shamanistic practices. The band maintains the intent and feel of the material while adding  distorted riffs and tribal poly-rhythms. Patton fully embraces the role of shaman screaming and moaning, layering his vocals often to recreate  the ritualized nature of these pieces. A strong release from a great band.

Rating: 14/15 Skin Walkers

Fat Worm of Error-Pregnant Babies Pregnant With Pregnant Babies

Fat Worm of Error Pregnant Babies Pregnant With Pregnant Babies:

Noise rock, with a hint of jazz. These guys can really play, but instead often choose to meander. The singer has an annoying squawk of a voice and rants dada-esque lyrics. This band really could be interesting if they focused on making good songs instead of bunking musical norms for the sake of bunking musical norms then recording it.

Of Montreal-Jon Brion Remixes

Of Montreal Jon Brion Remixes:

Cutesy dance-pop gets cutesier with the help of ukuleles and bubbly keyboards. Basically exactly what you’d expect from this collaboration. Its fun for a couple of minutes, then you realize the entire EP is the same borderline-twee lyrics plucking keyboards and goofy hipster vocals.

Rating: 9/15 overcute

Magnetic Morning-A.M.

Magnetic Morning A.M.:

A modern shoe-gaze record. Its pretty streamlined with no extended guitar solos or instrumental breaks. The vocals and lyrics are okay as are the guitar parts, largely being well placed power chord affairs. The synthesizers and keyboards are the true focus, setting the albums mood and carrying the tunes. Not bad, but I think Magnetic Morning have yet to hit their creative peak.

Rating: 10/15 Inter-drivers

Harry Partch-The Wayward

Harry Partch The Wayward:

Microtonal folk songs with lyrics Partch found various places while he was homeless, riding the rails during the Great Depression. Partch uses a 43 note scale, to craft strange folkish melodies horribly dissonant upon first listen, but beautiful once you become accustom to them. The lyrics portray hobo life during the depression, and being lifted from the script of actual hobo’s are extremely telling of the time period. Bizarre, but interesting listen, once you get accustomed to it.

Rating: 13/15 Home-made instruments

Russian Circles-Station

Russian Circles Station:

Post-rock with a metal influence. This album attempts to get away from the loud-quiet-loud dynamic present in much post-rock. It succeeds more than it fails, but there are many moments that they should have just hit the distortion box and went for that loud epic ending we crave.

Rating: 11/15 keep at it points

Echo and The Bunnymen-Ocean Rain

Echo and The Bunnymen Ocean Rain:

Eerie Doors influenced post-punk, filled with McCullogh’s surreal lyrics and beautiful cello arrangements. The songs focus around the ocean and the moon, the music compliments these themes wonderfully. This could almost be a concept album involving some surreal pirate story.

Rating: 15/15 Yo Yo Men


Why? Oaklandazulasylum:

Indie pop heavy on the electronics, produced by an artist more commonly associated with experimental rap. The lyrics are strong appealing to anyone who feels like an outcast. The music is an interesting mash up of indie guitar sounds and hip hop beats. The only album in Why?s catalog that sounds quite like this.

Rating: 12/15 Jewish indie rappers