mewithoutyou – Brother, Sister

mewithoutyou Brother, Sister:

An album about faith that doesn’t come off as schmaltzy or lame? Color me impressed. Honest lyrics about struggles with faith and what not are sung honestly. Plus the musician ship is pretty top notch.

Rating: 14/15 promise rings

Ravi Coltrane-Bending Times

Ravi Coltrane Bending Times:

A good balance of funk, balladry, and near atonal bop weirdness. Coltrane glides through all easily. Coltrane and his band both have impeccable timing. Sometimes a duo will play for several minutes before the rest of the band joins in at just the right spot. A really great disk.

Rating: 13/15 Living up to legacies

Rivers Cuomo-Alone II

Rivers Cuomo Alone II:

More self loathing songs about girls, from one of the craziest guys in pop music. Nothing here but power chords and pop hooks. Significantly more interesting than The Red Album.

Rating:11/15 creepy interviews


Wilderness (k)no(w)here:

Slow spacey minimalist post punk. Sounds like an Owls record slower down a few RPMs. The resulting effect of the, at times painfully, slow music, is simultaneous trance and tension. Deep resonant vocals crawl across this sea of molasses, adding a human element to the churning. Good to lay back and listen to.

Rating: 12/15 Bottles of cough syrup

Enrico Rava-New York Days

Enrico Rava New York Days:

Down tempo atmospheric jazz. Enough dissonance, is used to keep your interest, but this record never gets too far out their. Great musicianship overall, but particular attention has to be payed to Rava ,who steals the show with his cool smooth trumpet playing.

Rating: 12/15 chill tracks

Vetiver-Tight Knit

Vetiver Tight Knit:

Pleasant indie pop with lush arrangement s and hushed vocals. Not bad, so much as it is uneventful. Throw in some dynamics and this could have been a solid disk.

Rating: 8/15 snooze points

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – It’s Blitz!

Yeah Yeah Yeahs It’s Blitz!:

Awesome! Vapid dance rock with atrocious lyrics. Finally something for me to bone lame pseudo-hipster chicks to!

Rating: 2/15 ridiculous costumes.

Bibio-Vignetting the Compost

Bibio writes spare acoustic country songs, with touching reflective lyrics. Though his lyrics and guitar playing are good they would not be exceptional without Bibio’s arrangements. Each track contains rhythm guitar vocals and then several tracks of highly processed guitar tracks. Sometimes it sounds like hes working with flutes, sometimes strings, sometimes synthesizers, but in reality its all guitar. A cool release.

Rating: 13/15 cool guitar effects

Arbouretum-Song of the Pearl

Arbouretum Song of the Pearl:

I have to give it to these guys for having an original idea and sticking to it. Celtic folk lyrics and melodies lilt in and out of Sonic Youth style guitar freak outs. The crazy thing is it works. This is a really strong album that I think I will find myself listening to over and over.

Rating: 13/15 feedback jigs

The Prodigy-Invaders Must Die

The Prodigy Invaders Must Die:

This is like all those recent releases by Nu-Metal bands. Dance Rock millionaires The Prodigy, are still trying to cling to the success and relevancy they had during the 90’s. These guys should be hanging out in their mansions not trying to stay relevant, because quite frankly that era is over, and I doubt its coming back.

Rating: 7/15 Bitches smacked up