Pauline Oliveros-Deep Listening

Pauline Oliveros Deep Listening:

Accordion, trombone, voices, and found percussion recorded in a gigantic cistern with a ridiculous amount of reverberation. The subtlety of the musicians knack for incorporating microtonal elements and utilizing the natural Reverberation makes this piece an incredible listen. The droning harmonies are nothing short of gorgeous and trance inducing.

Rating: 14/15 sustained notes

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  1. Thank you for this nice review of Deep Listening – released by New Albion Records in 1989.

    The music was improvised by Stuart Dempster-trombone/didjeridu/conch shell, Panaiotis-voice/metal pieces & Pauline Oliveros-accordion/voice.

    So it Deep Listening is co-composed/improvised. The reverberation time of the cistern is 45″. No overdubbing or processing of any kind was used for this purely acoustic recording.

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