Saros – Acrid Plains

Saros Acrid Plains:

Somewhat interesting metal that combines thrash, black, and doom metal into an enjoyable sound. The lyrics can be lame, but the music is good enough to make you not care. This album sometimes get self-indulgent, but these moments are usually followed by something neat thus they are forgiven

Rating: 11/15 dudes with long hair singing about winter even though they are from San Fransisco

Orcustus – Orcustus

Orcustus Orcustus:

Why? Why keep making lame black metal like this? This had done nothing new or good. It just sounds like a mosquito buzzing incessantly while some spastic jerk hits boxes. Please stop.

Rating: 2/15 corpse paint was never, ever cool.

Antigama – Warning

Antigama Warning:

Grindcore that tries to be avant-garde. That means songs have random blasts beats thrown in and nothing sounds cohesive. There are some neat moments, but over all it just sounds like a repetitive mess.

Rating: 6/15 missing the point of avant-garde totally

Ribspreader – Opus Ribcage

Ribspreader Opus Ribcage:

Goofy death metal that sounds like outtakes from an early Cannibal Corpse recording session. Also a pointless cover of the Ramones’ “Blitzkrieg Pop” which is neither funny or good.

Rating: 3/15 even Chris Barnes was bored by this

Carl Michael von Hausswolff-Strom

Carl Michael von Hausswolff Strom:

An interesting interplay of sine waves with the occasional bump and fuzz to keep things interesting. The sine waves resonate beautifully and can produce several interesting sensation in your skull. Hausswolff  does amazing things with very few elements, which speaks volumes of his deep understanding of composition.

Rating: 14/15 hums

Harmonic 313-When Machines Exceed Human Intelligence

Harmonic 313 When Machines Exceed Human Intelligence:

An album of synthesizer heavy beats and cool guest singers and MCs. Musically similar to El-P, but less jarring, and more prone to epic synth washes. The guest vocals range from vocoder drenched rants about a dystopian future to MC brag tracks. The balance between instrumentals and vocal tracks is pretty much perfect, giving listeners about as much as they want of either. Though not explicit throughout the entirety of the album the theme of machines conquering mankind is expressed throughout by the foreboding synthesizer sounds, and general fear and tension expressed through the beats. A really cool disk filled with good beats and cool vocals.

Rating: 13/15 cyborgs

Kaylan and Sambodhi Prem-Cello Cirlces

Kaylan and Sambodhi Prem Cello Cirlces:

Cellos, guitars, keyboards, and various wind instruments drift through these pieces, an album consisting of two musicians taking on various forms of world music. Its a pleasant listen, and these two guys obviously know their stuff. It leans a bit too close to New Age music for my liking, and its unfortunate that some of keyboard lines couldn’t have been played by different instruments. It isn’t without its flaws, but overall this a solid release. Worth picking up for fans of various world music’s and those who want something mellow to relax to.

Rating: 11/15 cellos