Saros – Acrid Plains

Saros Acrid Plains:

Somewhat interesting metal that combines thrash, black, and doom metal into an enjoyable sound. The lyrics can be lame, but the music is good enough to make you not care. This album sometimes get self-indulgent, but these moments are usually followed by something neat thus they are forgiven

Rating: 11/15 dudes with long hair singing about winter even though they are from San Fransisco


  1. Dudes? With long hair? Wrong and wrong.

    • Oops! Having only listened to the album and never having seen the band, those guttural screams really should have clued me into the fact that the singer is female and that one dude in the band has short hair.

  2. I’ve never seen them live either:

    • Thanks for the link, but I didn’t go so far as to look for live footage of the band, because it wasn’t relevant to me reviewing the album. The fact that they have a female singer and a dude with short hair, doesn’t change any part of the review, other than the little quip after the album rating, which is just meant to be humorous in the first place.

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