Why Adbusters sucks.

A few months ago Adbusters published an entire issue dedicated to taking the piss out of hipsters. Their argument boils down to this. The primary concern of a hipster is to be perceived as cool, and that overrides greater moral obligations to society. First off, just because someone comes from a rich background, wears stupid clothing and reads Pitchfork media, does not mean that they aren’t moral people who try to help society. In fact, that describes most of Adbusters target audience. As far as I can tell Adbusters markets to young anarchist types, who have enough money to spend on special activist gear. Thats right folks, Adbusters sells special activist shoes for $75 dollars.

Fight capitalism by buying things that other people who purchase Adbusters will compliment you for wearing. Better yet, buy the TV Killer key-chain attachments so you can turn the game off and yell at your dad about the possibilities of a Libertarian- Socialist future or Heidegger. Or buy the t-shirt with The American flag on it where the stars on the flag are replaced by big business logos. That way the everyday ignorant American will be woken up to the fact that big business runs his life, I’m sure that a life time spent immersed in American culture won’t have clued him in by now.

The point of a magazine like Adbusters isn’t to help, its provide a place for douche-bags with money to be snide, and stroke each other. Basically the writers of this magazine are the worst kind of hipster imaginable. I hate to break to all you revolutionaries out there, but the revolution ain’t happening, and if your anarcho-socialist bullshit actually came to power, it would be just as oppressive as our current system. If you want to help don’t spend money on the anarchist activists pack sold by rich white kids that dumpster dive magazine. Sit down and figure out a way to compromise with capitalists and christians, to create a society that works the best for everyone. In other words be decent and civil, and willing to compromise, because you’re not going to win people over by being an asshole.


  1. Hey, I actually agree with a lot of what adbusters is trying to say.

    However, I no longer identify with the whole self-righteous/nihilist/no compromise approach that seems to form the backbone (or it is spine?) of adbusters.

    Honestly, I’m not really sure how worthwhile it is to dish out $8.95 just to see that I’m not alone in my opinion of hipsters, globalization, road-side mcdonalds ads, etc.

    This review was nice to read though because if helped confirm my personal feelings towards something and was also free!

    thanks anonymous blogger, you’ve made my day!

    • Thanks for the comment. If you really want to know you’re not alone on your beliefs, check out epi.org a lot of the same ground gets covered, ie globalisation, the financial crisis etc…. but the articles are by economists, so theres more backing evidence, and they often offer potential solution. Its pretty interesting stuff, and they aren’t trying to sell anything.

  2. “Thats right folks, Adbusters sells special activist shoes for $75 dollars.”

    well, actually they sell union-made, fair trade shoes made from recycled materials. How is that a bad thing? It seems like it’s actually YOU who is the worst asshole imaginable.

    • You can get cheaper fair trade shoes, that aren’t special activist shoes. Paying $75 for a pair of shoes is a luxury. Theres a lot of people out their that don’t have that kind of money for fair-trade converse, which aren’t particularly well made. I’m attacking the fact that they are marketing these things as, “cool” rather than moral. Adbusters is part of a greater trend of making activism and environmentalism a fad. Anyone who takes the time to study the subject, can observe increases and decreases in the popularity of environmentalism as it comes in and out of fashion. Any organization that seeks to market moral causes in the way Adbusters does is essentially unethical, particularly when their target audience is the intellectual elite, as opposed to working class people, that are actually suffering under the present global socio-economic conditions

      Buying a pair of fair trade cool shoes in and of itself is a little sketchy. The idea that small fair-trade companies have a chance against big corporations is pretty far-fetched to begin with. Big business has the money, the distribution, and the connections to render activist shoes basically meaningless. The game is rigged if you haven’t noticed. The only way fair-trade shoes could have a chance of making even the tiniest impact would be through massive legislation, which won’t happen any time soon. The odds of expensive activist shoes marketed to rich kids making a significant impact, is basically the equivalent of Maryland winning a war against the entirety of The United Nations.

      Gee maybe all this activist nonsense is crap. Maybe by dressing like a little Che and shooting your mouth off, or holding protest rallies isn’t going to change anything. Maybe starting small independent companies which try to fight big business won’t do a fucking thing. Hey! how about you and your little anarchist friends get real degrees, then join real businesses or run for political office or write a book and present well-reasoned ideas for incorporating your view points into American culture instead of just stroking each other in your own little activist hipster world. Oh sorry but that would be hard and involve self-sacrifice, and you might have to shed that despicable layer of smugness.

      If you’re going to call me an asshole, please have the dignity to do so about the broader contexts and opinions expressed in my post. Don’t be a nit-picking little shit and make a quick quip about one sentence of my post, which may or may not have been put into context well enough in my post, call me an asshole then disappear. So please if you have a constructive argument express it, otherwise, don’t post on my fucking site.

  3. “A few months ago Adbusters published an entire issue dedicated to taking the piss out of hipsters. Their argument boils down to this. The primary concern of a hipster is to be perceived as cool, and that overrides greater moral obligations to society”

    You sir, a complete moron. Firstly, I have that issue, and the hipster article is just that – an article. The issue is East/West and contrasts different movements on both sides. And I hope you’re being sarcastic with the argument bit, or else you’ve completely missed the point. And your last paragraph is just painfully idiotic, please try harder next time.

    • Grammatical errors really bolster your personal attacks. Thanks for reading!

  4. I really enjoyed what you had to say about Adbusters. I used to read Adbusters back in my university days until I realized the repetitive, snobby, and intellectually insulting way in which it promotes environmental awareness, non-consumerist values, etc.

    It seems to me that the only thing Adbusters does well is alienate otherwise well-intentioned youth from mainstream society. This does nothing for the cause, and it makes cynics out of those who eventually see the bullshit being passed off as a credible publication, like me.

  5. Good post. It really sums up what bugs me about Adbusters- the holier-than-thou, my way or the highway ‘hipster’ attitude. That, combined with articles rife with logical fallacies, adds up to a mode of argument that is basically: “I am right, and you are wrong.”
    chuck’s comment is a perfect example of this- why try to convince someone when you can just tell them that they are wrong over and over?

    Anyways, sorry about the late comment (a full year after this post was made) but I just stumbled across this after a google search for ‘Adbusters sucks’ and I was pleasantly surprised.

  6. I have concluded that you are blind. You dont realize the oppression and domination you blindly accept. Please take a moment and think about your true nature as a human being. Open your minds eye and realize.

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