Thoughts on MF Doom

The idea of a rapper basing his whole persona around Dr. Doom, even going so far as to wear a metal mask in public, is awesome. Unfortunately the execution of said idea isn’t so great. No I’m not talking about Dr. Dooom a.k.a Kool Keith. Rather I’m talking about MF Doom or as he wants us to call him now DOOM.

MF( Metal Face for those not in the know) is pretty well known to most fans of the rap genre. His songs cover the gamut from getting high to food to women. He tends to use odd phrases and wordplay to sometimes disguise his subject matter. Because of this, his main stream appeal is greatly reduced and he tends to be championed by fans of “Backpack” rap (I put quotes because I find it a bullshit label, but most people besides me accept it so I’m using it here for brevity’s sake). Doom tends to be brought up when people are challenging the idea that all rap is about bling and hoes.

Except he is really not the best person to be used to convince people that rap is good. This is because MF isn’t a great rapper. Yes he has fancy wordplay, yes he has a cool concept. But he lacks charisma. Dude is about as wooden of a rapper as you can find. He isn’t interesting at all. This fact isn’t helped out at all by his choice of beats. Most are as boring as DOOM is. Thus his cds just plod along as some guy talks about putting jalapeños on his popcorn.

Why do rap fans embrace him? Well because on a technical level, dude’s got game. He’s got some great songs, but for all the material he has out those great songs are a vast minority. He also has some great rhymes, but he’s not some grand master wordsmith that fans make him out to be. I feel these people have take to him because he’s a great idea like Twitter. But like Twitter, MF in reality is just annoying.

But I didn’t write this just to bury DOOM. Instead I’m here to praise him. I realize I’ve just spent three paragraphs spitting venom on the subject, but I’ve got something positive to say. He’s just released a 5 track sampler for his new album Born Like This and I really like it. I was shocked but again I really liked it. So that means that maybe his fans weren’t lying about him. Rather they were just harking about genius that hadn’t been fully realized till now. Or maybe he just has 5 good songs on the new album and thats it. Either way we will find out soon.

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