Ultra Dolphins – Mar

Ultra Dolphins Mar:

Some bands you can immediately guess their sound just from their name. This is not one of them. Sounding like These Arms Are Snakes if they just freaked out and started doing fuzzed out psyche rock. The vocals are distorted shouts that struggle to be heard over the blitstering, reverb drenched guitars. The rhythm section sneaks up and over takes some songs like a tsunami. There are even piano parts shoved into the mix. It’s somewhat sloppy, but it works for the sound. Though not something you may listen to everyday, it’s defiantly a good album.

Dorcia – Tourist

Dorcia Tourist:

These dudes have one pimped out Myspace. It’s too bad that is the best thing I can say about them. Don’t get me wrong, these guys aren’t horrible. They are just generic. This is metalcore in the the vain of Evergreen Terrace, though slightly learning towards the metal more so than the core. But you’ve heard all of this before. Gang vocals? Yup. Odd electronic interludes? Yeah they’re here. The songs tend to blend into eachother into one bland pile. Again not a bad band, but they don’t stick out in a crowded genre.

Sights & Sounds – Self Titled EP

Sights & Sounds Self Titled EP:

The couple of dudes from Comeback Kid and a few other Canadian bands got together and made a side project that sounds like Jawbreaker. These guys will defiantly appeal to women with their light, melodic sound and nicely sung vocals. There are some good harmonies and great piano lines sprinkled through out the disk. While the sound is not super original, it’s done well enough to warrant a spin in the CD player. Expect your girlfriend with the snakebites to be jocking the hell out of these guys.