Into The Moat – The Campaign

Into The Moat The Campaign:

Into The Moat is band that a lot of people are calling the future of extreme metal. If so, Metal maybe in for some bad years. This is a World War 2 themed death metal album. Wait sorry Technical, Chaotic Death Metal album. That means the dudes have musical chops no doubt. Time signatures are changed abruptly and what not. The problem with this is that there is no real taste to it. It seems more like the band is showing off rather than composing a good song. The other problem here are the vocals. If your band is doing complex stuff, shouldn’t you change up your vocal style at least once in a while? The singer just stays with the same growl through out the songs. It works somewhat, but it also causes songs to sound the same. I hate to be so negative, but I can’t accept this as the future of Metal. You guys as a band can do better, I know you can.

Sluts – Self Titled

Sluts Self Titled:

What sounds doe the phrase “Boston Melodic Hardcore” invoke when you hear it? Well that’s what you get on this album. It’s nothing super bad, but really nothing genre breaking either. Meat and potatoes really. They sound like a slowed down Daggermouth to be honest. So if you like that band, you’ll dig Sluts.

DOOM – Born Like This

DOOM Born Like This:

I’ve made my feelings about DOOM well known before. So the time has come for me to pass judgment. It’s a mixed bag. Many of the tracks are typical DOOM, which means they are boring. The guests stars are pretty good, especially when Wu-Tang’s Raekwon and Ghostface Killah show up. IT’s kinda weird having Ghostface on here since I usually think of DOOM as lesser version of Killah. The beats on here are mixed. Some are simple but effective, others just sorta fall flat. DOOM’s rapping again sometimes works, but mostly is just boring and outshone by his guests. Also many of the tracks are less than have this annoying announcer talking about being a super villain. So if you’re a DOOM fan, you’ve already bought this. If you’re curious about listening to DOOM just get a Ghostface Killah CD instead.