Sworn In – Self Titled

Sworn In Self Titled:

This album sounds exactly like American Nightmare/Give Up The Ghost. Not just sort of sounds like them, but you could play this album for A.N. Fans and they wouldn’t notice the difference. That’s not a bad thing. It’s good Hardcore that has some interesting guitars and decent melody. But there’s nothing really original here. It’s tough to praise this album since it’s just a blatant copying. This sounds more like a tribute album than one of original material. But if you really need a Give Up The Ghost fix, this band is doing the best of any other imitators out there right now.

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  1. awful awful awful review, this band dont sound like like an exact replica of AN, the guitars are heavier and the vocals sound completly different, much darker on Sworn In, the similarity they do share is the fact the both play the same vein of hardcore but does that mean ringworm sound EXACTLY like integrity, NOPE! this is another review written by someone who doesnt know enough, thinking he knows too much. shut your mouth or keep it open and show your ignorance.

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