40oz. Folklore-Something’s Wrong With This Picture

Chattanooga, TN has produced one of the more interesting punk bands that has floated across my radar recently. 40oz. is very much inspired by old-school punk but is not shackled by its cliches. Biting riffs give way to well thought out, almost Sonic Youthlike solos backed by a ballsy rhythm section, which sports an awesome bass tone. ErikkA’s has more growl and venom than a crackhead with throat cancer. Stark verses and catchy choruses make me want to sing along and pump my fist. This is a solid musical entity that will continue to develop a unique sound.


Morbo Y Mambo-Das Papier

Geezer Butler Bass lines, Melt Banana vocals, and echo drenched trumpet. You aren’t high, you are listening to Morbo & Mambo. Argentina’s weirdest sons & daughters can groove as well as they can screech. The tight-as-fuck rhythm section is the perfect foil for the possessed rantings of Noelia Pollini and the noir trumpet riffing of Fermín Echeveste. Synth bubbles highlight beautiful atmospheres and hard rock breakdowns tear latin reggae sections apart. Holy fuck, that all happens in three tracks.


Nohari-Fuck Your Scene

Raw and visceral yet tasteful. I am floored that only three dudes contributed to this album. The sheer amount of original guitar parts and the surplus of different vocal timbres sounds like a four-piece with guest vocals. For the most part Nohari follows the, “nothing can last for more than five seconds,” attitude of grindcore, but the twists and turns yield better results than most. Mike Haner’s guitar work is skillful but catchy, Bradley Cook’s drumming is equally skillful and entirely moshable. Cook also recorded the album. It is obvious this album was recorded with minimal equipment and funding, however Cook manages to get an excellent sound. The vocals and especially the low end of cook’s kit sound especially strong. Nohari is six awesome songs long. I want more.

Crippling Fear-Demo/assorted facebook tracks

Do you like screeching dissonant cacophony interspersed with catchy riffs? Then you will love Boston’s Crippling Fear. Punk as fuck, Crippling Fear’s predominant desire is to play super fast songs for their friends. Given how good their output is they deserve a lot more friends. Check out their facebook.


Buried at Birth-Pestilent Hallucinations

Kick Ass grindcore with awesome dualing vocals. While Badass guitar riffs abound Buried at Birth’s true marker is their rhythm section. Donovan Kelley is an excellent finger-style bassist who is actually audible in the mix and Ryan Fassler mixes up the blasts with excellent tom and cymbal work. Go to Grindcorekaraoke.com and download Pestilent Hallucinations it fucking rips. Also, remember to read the lyrics they skirt the boundary of brutal and poetic in the best way.

Cloud Rat-S/T LP

May the blastbeats never stop, except of course for the crushing mid-tempo sections. Cloud Rat is one of my favorite grind-core acts and this LP will show you why. Cloud Rat mix it up, I hear inklings of Napalm Death, Converge and Agoraphobic Nosebleed in their sound along with Doom and Noise influences. In a genre filled with vicious vocalists Madison is one of the best. Her range of yells and shrieks perfectly compliment the awesome drumming and guitar work. If you like extreme metal this is a band for you.

薔薇の葬列-Blacklight Beauty EP

Truly beautiful guitar music. Drones and static walk hand in hand with acoustic guitar lines to create an oddly pop drone album. All of the untitled tracks flow together, while each has its own personality they are fairly similar pieces. You touched my stomach breaks the album in two with eight minutes of bassy static and crackling. Blacklight Beauty is a great debut EP please check it out.