Kyle Bobby Dunn-Ways of Meaning

Ambient music is often reflective of spirituality, distance, space. Cold sounds promoting meditation and emptiness. Combining ambient music with a visual, such as in a TV show, lends the music a new emotive quality. Ways of Meaning invokes all of the typical ambient feelings and provokes various emotions without the aid of a visual. Track 5, Movement For The Completely Fucked, invokes sadness and longing in all the right ways, while Canyon Meadows will bring a smile to your lips. Kyle is right up there with Roger Eno and Robert Fripp in producing highly musical an emotive ambient pieces.


Veedu-Sueños de Fronteras en Llamas

It may be worth hopping on a plane to Venezuela to catch these guys live. While the EP consists of two full songs with spoken intro and outro tracks, you only need two tracks to know that Veedu is legit. Crusty verse-chorus-verse-chorus sections are broken up by longer instrumental sections and well-timed samples. The recording quality isn’t great, but the tunes are good enough that they shine through. Hopefully more tunes with better recording quality are on the way.

The Fierce & The Dead-If It Carries On Like This We Are Moving To Morecambe

Wow. Sometimes it sounds like Merzbow. Sometimes it sounds like Joshua Tree era U2. Sometimes it sounds like Bill Frisell and Flea are jamming out. This album is the polar opposite of boring. Though it touches on many genres If It Carries On Like This We Are Moving To Morecambe draws in reoccuring musical themes often enough to provide a sense of continuity absent from many more simplistic albums. I fervently hope The Fierce & The Dead continue to push themselves to make music this unique and interesting.

The Wandering Lake-In Passage

Impassioned lyrics sung by a genuine artist. Guitars, vocals and percussion blend together in a reverb-laden ocean of sound. The album draws from folk and ambient but never devolves into cliche or pointless wandering. Color me impressed.