Deafheaven-Roads to Judah

Hands down, my favorite Black Metal album to date. Deafheaven highlight all the strong points of the genre, a flowing yet logical song structure and the ability to invoke an emotive atmosphere which ties the album together. There are no goat heads impaled on sticks or band members burning churches and eating each other. George Clarke’s vocals owe as much to Grindcore as they do Black Metal, theres an element of honesty and masculinity that is absent from most Black Metal vocalists. Clarke is singing from the heart, he is not being theatrical or trying to fit into genre conventions. Nick Bassett and Kerry McCoy have impressive chops and an ear for complex melodies and chord progressions. They do a fantastic job of layering multiple guitars during the slower interludes. While the rhythm section of Trevor Deschryver and Derek Prine can blast with the best of them, then segway into Godspeed style Post-rock sections without flinching. This is an excellent album from an excellent band.

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  1. Check out Deafheaven’s free live album from Deathwish Inc.

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