Death-Cult Jock-West End Blast

Oh hell yes. Badass Grindcore with thick Doom Metal riffing. Serious tunes with great lyrics like Last Saturday Night and Numb fit perfectly with the hilarious Uni-Wankers Fuck off and Death-Cult Jock Fuck off!! The whole album is full of exceptionally good Grindcore, however Numb and Last Saturday Night are my two favorite tunes, because the deviate from the formula. Last Saturday Night features a ripping guitar solo over a Scum-era Napalm Death Bassline, while Numb contains extended instrumental sections broken up by blasts of pure grind. Virus/Plagues has some interesting bass work and a mid-tempo section near the end that totally slays. Overall this is a great Grindcore album with hints of something even better to come.

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