Tangled Thoughts of Leaving – Deaden the Fields

TToL’s Deaden the fields has a warm tonal range I had normally associated with lethargy and the evening news until I heard Jaga Jazzists What We Must. And it has a Kayo Dot like negotiation between assertions of structure and spaces of open silence. In fact the opening track, Landmarks, reminds one of Gemini Becoming the Tripod, starting as it does with its grand avant-garde twang that rears up into the sky and slowly comes back down, like a blue whale backflopping in slow motion.

Sometimes giving off a three piece jazz feel, sometimes the 65daysofstatic style electro-postrock, piano rumblings that almost imperceptibly transform into electric channel changing static and back again. The best part of Landmarks is around the eight minute mark, where a schizophrenic but fluttery cascade of piano notes and pattering drums rinse over everything, feeling like rain on your wedding day… on a sunny day. Rain on a sunny day.

It’s remarkable that a 17:20 track can just keep giving. The rest of Deaden the Fields re-treads the same aesthetic so nothing can quite live up to the knockout punch that leads off the album, but there’s some ambitious stuff here.

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