Pig Destroyer – Book Burner

So, MetalSucks is going ballistic over the impending Pig Destroyer album Book Burner, out October 22. And that’s fine. That’s awesome even. In fact, I’ll go so far as to say the commenters are fucking brain damaged idiots for thinking it’s clever to go “OLOL you’re biased bc you love Pig Destroyer!” But as much as I’m willing to go along with this, because, let’s face it, Phantom Limb is one of the best metal albums ever, I’m not super life-changingly excited about what we’ve heard of Book Burner so far.

First there is the teaser:

It’s stripped down. It’s good. It just isn’t Phantom Limb good. Here’s a full track, Burning Palm.

Ok, Burning Palm is great. But it doesn’t quite roar, and it isn’t until the close of the track that it becomes the catchy as shit stuff I’m used to. We’ll see.



  1. Everything Pig Destroyer makes kills. Great band.

  2. I`m very eager to listen to this album.I`m the greatest self titled Pig Destroyer fan in all the Internets and universe,I have listened to them for 11 years now,and know all the lyrics of every song by ‘Sourheart’.

    I`m genuinely addicted to the grooves and grinds and rants but today I give them the benefit of the doubt and I`m certain this album at worst will still be a thousand times better than most.

    However as much of a fan-boy that I am, I`m not a totally delusional metal head.
    Napalm Death released a beast of an album this year – Utilitarian
    (The only other band I think that are equal with Pig`s grooving and ranting ability).
    But I noticed some similar symbolic references to a farce topic between the two.(Napalm Death is more skilled with song writing in that department of conspiracy sh*t ,and I hope ,as a personal taste ,Pig Destroyer stick more to there sick stories.)

    A few other bands released equally Monster-kill albums e.a. Baroness,Mastodon ,AHAB,Brutal Truth ,High on fire,etc …that being said , I can`t wait for it.Hell the last 3 years I`ve been Googling news about a new release.
    I don`t mind if BB doesn`t get album of the year like Metal Sucks proclaims, as long as I can destroy while playing Dota 2 ,blasting Piggy-D and having a good time.


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