Hanetration: 10th Oar

I love love love this glitchy ambient album. Found sounds stretched into ambient pieces make Scott a happy reviewer. I love this album so much I had to remix it.



Shamelessy plugging my own work

Check my remix of 薔薇の葬列’s Black Light Beauty EP


Whirr-Black Island

Very active ambient that almost, but not quite, morphs into noise. I often put on ambient music to either let my thoughts wander or to push away outside stimulus in order to focus on a particular topic. When listening to Whirr you think about what Whirr wants you to think about. When listening to the masterpiece of micro-editing that is Black Island, Whirr directs you around the island. The ability to tie disparate soundscapes together into what is essentially an ambient novel makes this album genius. Very highly recommended.


Celador-Pcfl nd Wrthfl ns

Ambient Metal for beach goers. Despite the distorted guitar tones, this album is reflective and peaceful. The ridiculously fuzzy guitar and sparse drumming rarely veer into standard metal themes of depression, loneliness and anger. The tom (or is it a snare with the snare turned off?) sounds on this album are fantastic. The guitar is always muddled and lo-fi, but in a way that is utterly fantastic and mesmerizing. Though it sounds like there is a fair amount of multi-tracking going on, Celador is never sounds too busy or overwhelming, not relying on LOUD quiet LOUD dynamics or the pinnacle building song structures of Explosions in The Sky Celador have created a sound that is uniquely them. Subtlety defined.


IRONS-Grey Saviour

Music to listen to while contemplating the eventual demise of you and everything you love. IRONS makes multi-layered ambient music, keyboard drones and audio samples are broken up by metallic clangs and what sounds like wind instruments. As gorgeous as it is depressing IRONS output should be a pit stop for any musician looking to produce atmospheric music, or any person who wants to know what it feels like to drift into the void while slowly dissolving into nothingness.


Kyle Bobby Dunn-Ways of Meaning

Ambient music is often reflective of spirituality, distance, space. Cold sounds promoting meditation and emptiness. Combining ambient music with a visual, such as in a TV show, lends the music a new emotive quality. Ways of Meaning invokes all of the typical ambient feelings and provokes various emotions without the aid of a visual. Track 5, Movement For The Completely Fucked, invokes sadness and longing in all the right ways, while Canyon Meadows will bring a smile to your lips. Kyle is right up there with Roger Eno and Robert Fripp in producing highly musical an emotive ambient pieces.

The Wandering Lake-In Passage

Impassioned lyrics sung by a genuine artist. Guitars, vocals and percussion blend together in a reverb-laden ocean of sound. The album draws from folk and ambient but never devolves into cliche or pointless wandering. Color me impressed.