Robert Fripp-That Which Passes: 1995 Soundscapes, Vol. 3

Robert Fripp That Which Passes: 1995 Soundscapes, Vol. 3:

Sounds like a lot of New Age synthesizer based  music, but with interesting microtonal harmonies and a few frighteningly dissonant moments. A cool listen, but it drags in some parts.

Rating: 11/15 guitar synths

Brian Eno-Apollo

Brian Eno Apollo:

Strong ambient album. Eno’s brother Robert contributes a bit adding some movement to Eno’s solid, but fairly uneventful drones.

Rating: 12/15 Moon craters


Mountains Choral:

An ambient album you can actually listen to instead of just having it on as background music. Theres some really interesting guitar and melodica playing, to be found here.

Rating: 12/15 Cues from Eno

Fennesz – Black Sea

Fennesz Black Sea:

It’s a Fennesz album, you know what you’re getting. It’s really good, but still nothing super different than the other albums.

Rating: 13/15 hypnotic trances

Tim Hecker-An Imaginary Country

Tim Hecker An Imaginary Country:

Not quite ambient, not quite electronica. Hecker continues to find cool ways to piece together electronic and found sounds. An incredibly nuanced work this album can easily be put on as background music or listened to intently.

Rating: 13/15 Almost concept albums

Windsurf – Coastlines

Windsurf Coastlines:

Windsurf answers the question, “What would Tangerine Dream sound like if they were all surfers?” Good for mellowing out.

Rating: 11/15 Hemp Necklaces