La Raia-La sorciere vit !

French Art Punk. Sounds like a mash-up of Shellac, The Slits and X-Ray Spex. Screeching and rants perforate Herky-Jerk rhythms while tasteful guitar licks support the occasional baritone sax solo. These songs are true musical compositions, always building on what came before, but never lingering in any tempo or riff for too long. The beautifully clear recording quality highlights just how amazing the members of La Raia gel together. Every note on this album needs to be exactly where it it is, even the beat-boxing in percee. If you like experimental music of any sort La Raia is worth checking out.

John Cale-Sabotage/Live

John Cale Sabotage/Live:

A set of abrasive punk interspersed with lighter tunes and more traditional keyboard heavy rockers. Musically top notch, Cale and his band flirt with many genres effectively, and manage an interesting take on punk in particular with awesome bass playing throughout. Cale’s lyrics can be a tad goofy at times, but never to the point where it ruins a song.

Rating: 12/15 Rockin’ violas

The Dead Science-Throne of Blood(The Jump Off)

The Dead Science Throne of Blood(The Jump Off):

Jittery art-punk often backed by a string section. Musically solid, but not exceptional. The singer croons away in a really odd warble, I can’t figure out what hes going for, but that doesn’t mean its bad. All in all, interesting, but not my cup of tea.

Rating: 11/15 Semi-David Byrne impersonations

All The Saints- Fire on Corridor X

All The Saints Fire on Corridor X:

Art punk reminiscent of Mission of Burma. Interesting song structure, good lyrics, and top notch musicianship particularly from the drummer have made me spin this one a lot in the past week. These guys have real potential.

Rating: 13/15 collared shirts at a punk show