Neurosis – Honor Found in Decay promo

Update #2: here’s an embed of At The Well, a track from Neurosis’s Honor Found in Decay. Oh, wow. What a commanding, fantastic, perfect track. The guitar sounds at the start like a moaning ox, but radiates out into brighter colors as it whines and fades. Amazingly, the bagpipes here are (they are bagpipes, right?) are not just a novelty but one of the most beautiful moments of the song. The ritual vocal repetition, what sounds like “in the shadow world…,” the kind of watery wobbling guitar notes radiating out over very familiar tribal sounding drums is reminiscent of the climaxes at the end of tracks like Burn from Eye of Every Storm, or the title track of Given to the Rising. Yet it’s a very different entity- it’s not oversaturated with effects, you can almost hear a silence between the instruments as if placed there out of deference. Jesus, this is as good as any track Neurosis has put out in a long time.

Now, below is just a promo. There really is some honest-to-god music mixed in here. So listen for it. There’s also some over-the-top marketing but they’ve always been like that.

Update: Neurosis has premiered the track At the Well for NPR’s All Songs Considered. Cheggit here.

Church of Misery – House Of The Unholy

Church of Misery House of The Unholy (2009)

Awesome Japanese doom metal that’s about murders. Alright, a little more would be that these guys put to shame like 98% of all doom bands not named Electric Wizard. They deliver fuzzed out riffs that stay stuck in your head for days at a time, while the vocals are ballsy shouts that Lemmy Kilmister would be proud of. Also these guys are able to change tempos in the middle of songs and not have disrupt the groove, rather enhance it. If you dig heavy rock or metal you can’t go wrong with this album.

Electric Wizard – Witchcult Today

Electric Wizard Witchcult Today:

A reinvigorated Electric Wizard create one of the best Black Sabbath records ever. The guitars are amazingly fuzzed out and the riffs are just awesome. The songs are still about Lovecraftian horrors and other such things, but come across more bad ass than lame. Rivals “Dopethrone” for sure.

Rating: 14/15 straight-edge album of the year 2008

Across Tundras – Lonesome Wails From The Weeping Willow

Across Tundras Lonesome Wails From The Weeping Willow:

If Electric Wizard ever played bluegrass, this what it would sound like.

Rating: 13/15 tripping cowboys

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