Telefon Tel Aviv-Immolate Yourself

Telefon Tel Aviv Immolate Yourself:

Emotive electronic music. This albums three key features are drum machines, synthesizers, and vocals. The beat choice is interesting and the drum sounds work well for the tracks they’re found in. The synthesizer lines are simple but effective. Though many songs have a couple different synthesizer tracks, they never drown each other out. Each track helps set the mood of the particular song. In short, musically this disk is great mood setting techno music. The vocals, when used as an instrument drifting in and out of the synthesizer tracks, enhance the listening experience and provide more of a human element in a wall of machine generated sounds. When the vocals are clear and at the forefront of the track, they detract from the mood, because frankly when they’re not buried in effects they’re not that good, nor are the lyrics. Overall this is a solid release from a good band, even on the tracks with the cheesy vocals, the music makes up for it.

RIP Charlie Cooper

Minotaur Shock-Amateur Dramatics

Minotaur Shock Amateur Dramatics:

Joins the long list of albums that sound like Nintendo games with an extra keyboard thrown in for good measure.

Rating: 5/15 Random encounters

Alex Moulton-Exodus

Alex Moulton Exodus:

Vangelis style  pop electronic music. I wouldn’t sit down and intently listen to this album, but its good background music.

Rating: 10/15 Album covers which resemble grocery store sci-fi novels.

Raskolnikov’s Dream – Uriel

Raskolnikov’s Dream Uriel:

Jarring beats mix with the soundtrack to the original Zelda.

Rating: 5/15 Garage Band bands

Fennesz – Black Sea

Fennesz Black Sea:

It’s a Fennesz album, you know what you’re getting. It’s really good, but still nothing super different than the other albums.

Rating: 13/15 hypnotic trances

Evil Nine – They Live

Evil Nine They Live:

After hiding under a rock for a few years, Evil Nine popped back out with a zombie themed album. Yeah zombie electro and it works really well. Some cuts sounds like “Thriller” bonus tracks and others are just straight up good electronica. You know it’s good when they coax a good rap out of El-P. Perfect for your next Ecstasy fueled Halloween party.

Rating: 13/15 606 cowbells

Tim Hecker-An Imaginary Country

Tim Hecker An Imaginary Country:

Not quite ambient, not quite electronica. Hecker continues to find cool ways to piece together electronic and found sounds. An incredibly nuanced work this album can easily be put on as background music or listened to intently.

Rating: 13/15 Almost concept albums

Flashbulb – Red Extensions of Me

Flashbulb Red Extensions of Me:

Flashbulb is to Squarepusher what Squarepusher is to most other electronic music. Ben Jordan has the rare gift of being a great beat maker, obviously willing to spend hours hunched over a computer carefully editing each and every drum sound, and a talented guitarist. Jordan’s guitar and keyboard arrangements bring a fluency and utilizes a harmonic language often lacking in electronic music.

Rating: 13/15 Tabs of Acid, THE GOOD STUFF