Ultra Dolphins – Mar

Ultra Dolphins Mar:

Some bands you can immediately guess their sound just from their name. This is not one of them. Sounding like These Arms Are Snakes if they just freaked out and started doing fuzzed out psyche rock. The vocals are distorted shouts that struggle to be heard over the blitstering, reverb drenched guitars. The rhythm section sneaks up and over takes some songs like a tsunami. There are even piano parts shoved into the mix. It’s somewhat sloppy, but it works for the sound. Though not something you may listen to everyday, it’s defiantly a good album.

Mystery Girls-Incontinopia

Mystery Girls Incontinopia:

Garage-rock with a strong blues influence. The singer likes to holler about sex and drugs. Its obvious these guys love what they’re doing, I’m sure live all of these songs hold up. On the album, the non-stop Blues barrage gets a bit tedious, but there aren’t too many weak tracks.

Rating:11/15 Drunkin’ yellins

Ty Segall-Ty Segall

Ty Segall Ty Segall:

One man fuzzed out garage rock. Very little variation, but the strong riffs and impassioned delivery make this a solid release.

Rating: 12/15 One man bands

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