Negative Approach-Tied Down

Negative Approach Tied Down:

One of the most vicious acts to emerge from 80’s hardcore. John Brannon’s nihilistic lyrics and hoarse yell mesh perfectly with the bands simple yet inventive approach to three chord punk. Unfortunately these guys haven’t been canonized to the extent that Black Flag, Minor Threat and The Dead Kennedys have. Negative Approaches material matches or exceeds the contributions of any of those more well known groups, pick this one up and find that out for yourself.

Rating: 15/15 one man slam dances

Circle Jerks-Shower of Golden Hits

Circle Jerks Shower of Golden Hits:

Nothing innovative here, just a solid album of LA 1980’s hardcore. Recording quality is great for the genre, and this disk may hold the test of time better than much of the work of Keith Morrison’s old band Black Flag.

Rating: 13/15 slam-dancing punks

Celeste – Misanthrope(s)

Celeste Misanthrope(s):

Even though this is hardcore mixed with black metal, it’s still really bland and gets old quickly.

Rating: 6/15 shitty musical Reese’s cup

Carpathian – Isolation

Carpathian Isolation:

This is decent melodic hardcore. It does what that well, but doesn’t do anything new or different. Sometimes you don’t need to though to make an enjoyable album.

Rating: 11/15 dues with Bane Hoodies

Cheap Tragedies – Volume 1: Souvenirs and Evidence

Cheap Tragedies Volume 1: Souvenirs and Evidence:

Oh fuck yeah! This is one of those few new punk albums that wears its influences proudly on its sleeve, but is fresh sounding at the same time. Guitars whirl like buzz saws as the vocals are just drunken shouts that manage to keep on time. Also there are nice touches through out the album, like a sprinkling of Jerry Lee Lewis pianos on “Jesus Just Left Cleveland.” Crank this at your next party and I guarantee a circle pit will erupt.

Rating: 12/15 Zodiac references

It Prevails – Capture and Embrace

It Prevails Capture and Embrace:

Decent melodic hardcore. Doesn’t do anything new and you’ve heard the same sound plenty of other times. Still it’s not offense, just the tacks all kinda blend into one large screaming part with singing.

Rating: 9/15 chicks with snake bites and gauges.

Modern Life Is War – Midnight In America

Modern Life Is War Midnight In America:

It’s sad to see a great band break-up, but it’s nice when the final note is amazing. One of those hardcore albums that you could get away with almost not calling hardcore.   Intelligent, interesting lyrics are backed by awesome riffs and great rhythm.  Hopefully the next wave of hardcore will look at this as an example of what to do.

Rating: 13/15 intelligent windmills in the pit