mewithoutyou – It’s All Crazy! It’s All False! It’s All A Dream! It’s Alright!

mewithoutyou It’s All Crazy! It’s All False! It’s All A Dream! It’s Alright:

Mewithoutyou are back with another honest album. What it’s honest about is a little hard to tell. Aaron Weiss’s lyrics have become more obscure, but also remain meaningful. While they all seem to have a religious overtone, one can read more than in each song. Aaron’s voice is powerful and his singing has improved greatly. The band has never sounded tighter nor have they been so musically experimental; dabbling in straight-up indie rock, zydeco music, and other unexpected genres of music. Tubas, xylophones, and even baptist revivalist choirs are heard sprinkled through the album. While on paper this sounds like a mess, but Michael Weiss and the rest of the band are more than capable of pulling this off and making it catchy. This is the best that mewithoutyou has released so far and that’s saying something considering their string of good releases.

the pAper chAse – Someday This Could All Be Yours prt 1

The pAper chAse Someday This Could All Be Yours prt 1:

Austin Texas’ the pAper chAse are back with the first in a two part follow up to 2006’s Now You Are One of Us. As expected the black humor flows as freely as the blood and gore the lyrics, sometimes sounding like lines from one of the Zodiac Killer’s letters, hint at. Frontman/producer John Congelton’s production work has never sound better, managing to merge the band’s noisy, avant-guard side with it’s catchy indie rock side into a wonderful union. If you’re a fan of indie rock or interesting music then this should be on “albums to buy” list.

Condo Fucks-Fuckbook

Condo Fucks Fuckbook:

Loud, obnoxious, and fuzzed out. The Condo Fucks have produced an album of garage rock covers, so intentionally sloppy it sounds like each member of the band is trying to play a different Kinks song at the same time. Undeniably a blast live, I can’t get through the album in one sitting. Theres no weak tracks, theres just not a whole lot variation going on here. Overall, it a pretty solid release, from a band which must kick ass live.

Obits – I Blame You

Obits I Blame You:

Your hipster friends are raving about this album, aren’t they? It’s a piece of indie rock that goes for a retro feel. You can dance to it and makes a suitable soundtrack to that next roof or loft party you go to. Yet Obits does nothing new. This sound has been done many a time and this release doesn’t do anything to improve on it. So like your hipster friends it’s more imitative instead of innovative, but it’s still worth a listen.

Minus The Bear-Acoustics

Minus The Bear Acoustics:

Acoustic versions of previously released songs. For a band that relies heavily on effects pedals, making an acoustic EP seems like a dangerous idea. Normally guitar dominated, going acoustic gives more focus to the lyrics and piano playing than on the original tracks. Don’t despair though, the guitars get a lot of time to shine, and do so effectively, imaginatively reinvented for this EP. Fortunately the lyrics and piano playing are both as enjoyable as the reworked guitar parts, and the band reinvents their tunes successfully. Though I’d say the originals beat out the acoustic versions, this EP is an interesting and worthwhile listen. I wouldn’t advise new listeners to start with this disk though, since much of what makes this album interesting is comparing the new versions to the originals, and quite frankly this EP isn’t what Minus The Bear are about, this is just a rewarding detour.


Wavvves Wavvves:

A pretty standard indie rock album, with lots and lots of fuzz. Apparently that constitutes noise rock these days.

10/15 meh points


Shrag Shrag:

Decent indie rock album with a hint of X-Ray Specs. Good vocal delivery and lyrics, over simple, but catchy mildly distorted riffs. Topically the album tends to focus on being a scenester. Not bad for a first release.

Rating: 10/15 45’s

TV on The Radio-Dear Science

TV on The Radio Dear Science

A well balanced album. TV on The Radio take funk, rock, hip-hop, punk, and even a little shoe-gaze, and make it all their own. Lyrically solid, but the vocal delivery and their seemingly endless supply of cool instrument sounds and production make this disk as kick-ass as it is.

Rating: 14/15 Golden Ages

…And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead-The Century of Self

…And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead The Century of Self:

Not my favorite album ever, but you can’t knock these guys for lack of passion or ambition. Every track has epic riffing impassioned vocals and lyrics which take no prisoner. A strong disk overall but the singularity of their musical attack, which probably makes them amazing live, makes it hard to get through the whole album in one go.

Rating: 13/15 tone it down once in awhile points

Cobra Verde-Haven’t Slept All Year

Cobra Verde Haven’t Slept All Year:

Jumping from Garage rock to acoustic balladry to art rock tunes, this album presents a pretty cool listen. The lyrics never stray far from sex, drugs, and rock and roll, but have an appropriate swagger that keeps them enjoyable. Theres nothing unique here, just a quality rock album.

Rating: 12/15 Degrees in popular music studies