Neurosis – Honor Found in Decay promo

Update #2: here’s an embed of At The Well, a track from Neurosis’s Honor Found in Decay. Oh, wow. What a commanding, fantastic, perfect track. The guitar sounds at the start like a moaning ox, but radiates out into brighter colors as it whines and fades. Amazingly, the bagpipes here are (they are bagpipes, right?) are not just a novelty but one of the most beautiful moments of the song. The ritual vocal repetition, what sounds like “in the shadow world…,” the kind of watery wobbling guitar notes radiating out over very familiar tribal sounding drums is reminiscent of the climaxes at the end of tracks like Burn from Eye of Every Storm, or the title track of Given to the Rising. Yet it’s a very different entity- it’s not oversaturated with effects, you can almost hear a silence between the instruments as if placed there out of deference. Jesus, this is as good as any track Neurosis has put out in a long time.

Now, below is just a promo. There really is some honest-to-god music mixed in here. So listen for it. There’s also some over-the-top marketing but they’ve always been like that.

Update: Neurosis has premiered the track At the Well for NPR’s All Songs Considered. Cheggit here.

Supermachiner – Rust

Supermachiner Rust:

A little something old, a little something new. This is a 2 CD re-release of Supermachiner’s first, and only, album “Rise of the Great Machine”. Supermachiner was the side-project of Jake Bannon from Converge. Rather than make just another Converge clone, Bannon decided to ambient metal-like music that was about machines’ place in society and their rise as sentient beings. It was an enjoyable album. So now it’s be re-mastered so it sounds even creepier than it did before. All this is just the first disc. The second is disc are bonus songs and remixes. These are good, but one can see why they didn’t the cut. Fans of Converge should check this out, but so should anyone into experimental music.


Manegarm Vargstenen:

This album takes the crappiest aspects of power metal, death metal, and black metal, and mixes them together, for the expressed purpose of torturing your ears and psyche. Lyrically the album focuses on wolves, stones, and wolf stones. The vocals are either Gollum-esque croaks, or a ridiculous operatic yell. Musically its your standard goofy power metal chord progressions, but more heavily distorted. The sad thing is dozens of albums like this are released every year. Even more disheartening is the fact that  even when most of the worlds economies are in the toilet, a large enough fan-base exists to keep many shit bands like this successful enough to keep touring and producing albums.

Rating: 2/15 please fucking stop points

Saros – Acrid Plains

Saros Acrid Plains:

Somewhat interesting metal that combines thrash, black, and doom metal into an enjoyable sound. The lyrics can be lame, but the music is good enough to make you not care. This album sometimes get self-indulgent, but these moments are usually followed by something neat thus they are forgiven

Rating: 11/15 dudes with long hair singing about winter even though they are from San Fransisco

Neurosis – Given To The Rising

Neurosis Given To The Rising:

After a bit of a nap, Neurosis come back re-energized. Thanks to some help from Steve Albini this disk is one of the most focused Neurosis albums in a while. While it’s not super heavy on experimentation, it makes up for that by being interesting and solid. Defiantly worth a listen and hopefully the next album continues in the same vein.

Rating: 13/15 pseudo-religious songs about Armageddon

Kylesa – Static Tensions

Kylesa Static Tensions:

Oooh it might be early, but this album should be in consideration for best of 2009. Imagine if the current incarnation of the Melvins added a female singer/guitarist and then played metal. Yeah that’s how awesome Kylesa are. This disc is full of great riffs, awesome tribal drums, and a killer three way vocal attack. Get your hands on this immediately.

Rating: 14/15 not enough drummers


Jesu Conqueror:

An interesting mix of heavy metal and shoe-gaze, with a greater emphasis on the shoe-gaze. Long melancholic songs with layered vocals and plodding riffs, which occasionally get distorted and involve growling are the norm for this disk. A good album to sit back and listen to, though it stays with certain riffs too long and other riffs not long enough.

Rating: 12/15 Napalm Fleshes


Tomahawk Anonymous:

A band of guys used to tackling noise-rock and various forms of metal interpret Native American hymns and chants. Mike Patton actually sings which is always a plus. The end result is dark and mystifying as the source material carries with it a verifiable ton of cultural association and often related to shamanistic practices. The band maintains the intent and feel of the material while adding  distorted riffs and tribal poly-rhythms. Patton fully embraces the role of shaman screaming and moaning, layering his vocals often to recreate  the ritualized nature of these pieces. A strong release from a great band.

Rating: 14/15 Skin Walkers

High on Fire-Blessed Black Wings

High on Fire Blessed Black Wings:

Metal which takes equal parts from The Melvins and Slayer. Theres a decent amount of filler on this album, but the strong tracks make up for it. The intro track and the title track rank as the two strongest.

Rating: 10/15 demon oriented  lyrics

All Else Failed – Good Enough For The Girls We Roll With

All Else Failed Good Enough For The Girls We Roll With:

Sounds like Unsane with worse recording quality. Kinda a shame since there are some really cool tracks, but they are marred by tinny vocals and weak drums.

Rating: 9/15 needs some re-mastering.

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