Tomahawk Anonymous:

A band of guys used to tackling noise-rock and various forms of metal interpret Native American hymns and chants. Mike Patton actually sings which is always a plus. The end result is dark and mystifying as the source material carries with it a verifiable ton of cultural association and often related to shamanistic practices. The band maintains the intent and feel of the material while adding  distorted riffs and tribal poly-rhythms. Patton fully embraces the role of shaman screaming and moaning, layering his vocals often to recreate  the ritualized nature of these pieces. A strong release from a great band.

Rating: 14/15 Skin Walkers

High on Fire-Blessed Black Wings

High on Fire Blessed Black Wings:

Metal which takes equal parts from The Melvins and Slayer. Theres a decent amount of filler on this album, but the strong tracks make up for it. The intro track and the title track rank as the two strongest.

Rating: 10/15 demon oriented  lyrics

All Else Failed – Good Enough For The Girls We Roll With

All Else Failed Good Enough For The Girls We Roll With:

Sounds like Unsane with worse recording quality. Kinda a shame since there are some really cool tracks, but they are marred by tinny vocals and weak drums.

Rating: 9/15 needs some re-mastering.

Tardy Brothers – Bloodline

Tardy Brothers Bloodline:

So the singer and drummer from Obituary make an album. Obituary was boring, thus this also boring. It’s got some cool riffs, but those are run into the ground by the 5 minute mark. Also the vocals are grating after half a track.

Rating: 6/15 dudes with long greasy hair and sweat pants

Danzig – Danzig III: How The Gods Kill

Danzig Danzig III: How The Gods Kill:

Fuck “Mother” this is what people should think of when they hear the name Danzig. Here Danzig and John Christ fully realize their idea of a blues, metal, and rock fused into one lumbering, swaggering, and evil beast. Danzig belts out the most evil tunes he’s ever written and John Christ backs him with sick riff after sick riff. Defiantly required metal listening.

Rating: 15/15 muscular midgets slaying demonic tang

Misery Index-Traitors

Misery Index Traitors:

Sounds like Napalm Death with a dash of Pantera. Generic and boring, theres plenty of bands that sound like this but better.

Rating: 9/15 Its been done points

Volbeat – Guitar Gangsters and Cadillac Blood

Volbeat Guitar Gangsters and Cadillac Blood:

This sounds like Clutch if they were fronted by Danzig and had funny danish accents.

Rating: 12/15 pompadours and double bass drums