Drunkdriver – Born Pregnant

Drunkdriver Born Pregnant:

I’m going to call this No Wavecore. It sounds like this band just started playing in someone’s basement and tape-recorder just happened to be on. The guitars, bass, and drums just swirl into this wall of static while a drunk lunatic rants over the chaos. Perfect for lovemaking.

Rating: 12/15 bleeding ears

Teenage Jesus and The Jerks-Everything

Teenage Jesus and The Jerks Everything:

Loud atonal music from one of the original No Wave bands. The album consists primarily of Lydia Lunch going apeshit over a minimalistic rhythm section. Some of these tracks have not stood the test of time, and others suffer from poor recording quality. However, tracks such as orphans are absolutely ferocious. The importance of this album cannot be denied, its just too bad better quality recordings don’t exist.Worth the listen, especially for aspiring guitarists and singers.

Rating 11/15 Richard Kern films

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