Fat Worm of Error-Pregnant Babies Pregnant With Pregnant Babies

Fat Worm of Error Pregnant Babies Pregnant With Pregnant Babies:

Noise rock, with a hint of jazz. These guys can really play, but instead often choose to meander. The singer has an annoying squawk of a voice and rants dada-esque lyrics. This band really could be interesting if they focused on making good songs instead of bunking musical norms for the sake of bunking musical norms then recording it.

Black Flag-The Process of Weeding Out

Black Flag The Process of Weeding Out:

An instrumental album which fits somewhere between noise rock and jazz. Some parts are interesting but Greg Ginn proves to be somewhat of a one-trick pony as far as guitar solos go.

Rating: 8/15 ill-fated attempts

Mi Ami-Watersports

Mi Ami Water Sports:

Sloppy fun noise rock with a singer who squawks like a neurotic bird. Similar to Melt Banana, but with more traditional instrumentation.

Rating: 11/15 undanceable tracks


Zu Carboniferous:

Sax-tastic noise rock which focuses more on song structure than improvisation. A good listen overall, but certain repetitive parts that work during their lives shows, plod on album.

Rating: 11/15 Distorted skronks

Mclusky-The Difference Between Me & You Is That I’m Not on Fire

Mclusky The Difference Between Me & You Is That I’m Not on Fire:

Loud and obnoxious music with a smart ass squawker for a singer. Done in the same spirit as Flipper, this is a really fun album, particularly tracks where they take the piss out of other indie bands.

Rating: 12/15 Smart ass jerks you can’t help but like