Echo and The Bunnymen-Ocean Rain

Echo and The Bunnymen Ocean Rain:

Eerie Doors influenced post-punk, filled with McCullogh’s surreal lyrics and beautiful cello arrangements. The songs focus around the ocean and the moon, the music compliments these themes wonderfully. This could almost be a concept album involving some surreal pirate story.

Rating: 15/15 Yo Yo Men

Shellac-1000 Hurts

Shellac 1000 Hurts:

Shellac make tense dissonant music, perfect for seething anger as opposed to the explosive kind. Albini and Weston’s lyrics are usually snide and occasionally heart-felt. The album drags a little due to the constant dissonance and similarity of lyrical themes and delivery. Still an impressive disk.

Rating: 13/15 Steve Albinis

Abe Vigoda-Reviver

Abe Vigoda Reviver:

Danceable post-punk with some cool guitar lines. The vocals are delivered well, but often have a weird bubbly sound added to them. The production leaves a little to be desired, but overall a good listen.

Rating: 12/15 Things with the words dance and punk in their description that don’t suck

Bear Claw-Slow Speed: Deep Owls

Bear Claw Slow Speed: Deep Owls:

These guys fall somewhere between post-punk and melodic hardcore. The riffs are fairly simple and effective. I’ve heard few singers that convey a sense of righteous indignation quite like this one. One of the most promising acts from the Chicago scene.

Rating: 13/15 Steve Albinis