Amesoeurs – Self Titled

Amesoeurs Self Titled:

Neige from Alcest got together with friends and made created this band. It was an attempt to fuse Black metal with shoe-gaze/post-punk, which seems like a bad idea on paper. Well, the actual results are more hit than miss. What really works on this album is when the music is very atmospheric black metal with female vocals over it. What doesn’t work is when the album goes into post-punk music with black metal screeches over it. Because it’s an ambitious album it’s an uneven affair. Yet the good parts are very good and even the bad parts aren’t that bad. So if you’re looking for something interesting from Black Metal, or any heavy music, and don’t mind not understanding a word (it’s all in French of course) then this is worth your time.

Magnetic Morning-A.M.

Magnetic Morning A.M.:

A modern shoe-gaze record. Its pretty streamlined with no extended guitar solos or instrumental breaks. The vocals and lyrics are okay as are the guitar parts, largely being well placed power chord affairs. The synthesizers and keyboards are the true focus, setting the albums mood and carrying the tunes. Not bad, but I think Magnetic Morning have yet to hit their creative peak.

Rating: 10/15 Inter-drivers

Ride-Going Blank Again

Ride Going Blank Again:

A solid but unexceptional indie rock album decorated with adventurous heavily effected guitar playing and strong drumming. Like a more rock oriented version of My Bloody Valentine, but better than that sounds.

Rating:12/15 Why Andy Bell, why did you leave this good band and join Oasis? points


Slowdive Souvlaki:

Atmospheric post-punk. A solid album all around, the highlights being the interplay between the two vocalists and the awesome synth work in some songs. Great album to space out to.

Rating: 14/15 Trippy albums about space stations

Swervedriver-Mezcal Head

Swervedriver Mezcal Head:

Grungy  Shoe-gaze.  A solid if non-exceptional disk, they could stand to lay off the wah pedal and sing in key.

Rating: 8/15 White-boy dreds