Isis – Wavering Radiant

Isis Wavering Radiant:

One could not be faulted for thinking of this disc as In The Absence of Truth part 2. That’s not a bad thing either. Rather it seems like the musical ideas that Isis developed on In The Absence have been better realized and executed on this disc. There are still heavy parts with the expected thundering growls, but these are tempered with atmospheric passages and singing. Aaron Turner may not be the best singer ever, but he uses his voice well and it compliments the music. One of the best aspects of the new album is the expanded presence of the keyboards. In previous releases the keyboards seemed to be regulated far back in the mix, but here they are up front like they are live. They even seem to be used as a third guitar. Also Adam Jones stops by on two tracks, which is pretty cool. Over all, an awesome, interesting album worth the purchase.

Isis & Aereogramme – In The Fishtank 14

Isis & Aereogramme In The Fishtank 14:

One absolutely amazing song followed by two meh songs.

Rating: 13/15 yes thats how good that one song (Low Tide) is

Isis – Oceanic

Isis Oceanic:

One of the best albums about the sea ever. Isis wrote the book on conceptual, artistic sludge and ever since people have been ripping off this album. But what most copycats fail to do is make their records as engaging as this one. What really sets this album apart is the use of female vocals. Rather than shoehorn it in, they slyly mix these into the back of the mix, making them heard but not the center of attention. It’s a nice juxtaposition to the harsh yells. Perfect for a day at the beach when you’re tripping.

Rating: 15/15 Primordial Sea Beasts

Black Ships – Omens

Black Ships Omens:

“Omens” is the sound of an active quarry: Loud, explosive, and crushing. The guitars are suitable distorted, while the bass is down tuned to the point of sounding almost out of tune. The vocals roar out, incomprehensible but you know he’s shouting about angry things like being late for the bus. The drums anchor down the sound keeping simple rhythms that pound like war drums. The whole affair sounds like it was recorded with the Pro-Tools Wall O’ Sludge plugin. Black Ships avoid the one pitfall of many similar bands in this genre, that all songs sound the same. Rather the songs are similar in sound, but different enough to keep the listener engaged.

Rating: 13/15 Oil spills that are on fire.

Isis – In The Absence of Truth

Isis In The Absence of Truth:

Remember all the aspects of Tool you loved when you were 16? Well imagine those aspects but better without all the mediocre noodling surrounding those aspects, and you pretty much have this album.

Rating: 12/15 Black Hoodies

Grayceon – The Grand Show

Grayceon The Grand Show:

Sounds like Neurosis meets Sleepy Time Gorilla Museum. Great vocal and violin work, the only real flaw is the production. These guys/girl should call Steve Albini.

Rating: 12/15 Angry three part vocal harmonies

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