Wavvves Wavvves:

A pretty standard indie rock album, with lots and lots of fuzz. Apparently that constitutes noise rock these days.

10/15 meh points


Shrag Shrag:

Decent indie rock album with a hint of X-Ray Specs. Good vocal delivery and lyrics, over simple, but catchy mildly distorted riffs. Topically the album tends to focus on being a scenester. Not bad for a first release.

Rating: 10/15 45’s

Lotus Plaza-The Floodlight Collective

Lotus Plaza The Floodlight Collective:

Indie pop submerged in an ocean of reverb and echo. The lyrics and vocal delivery fit the music. The only issue here is that the mix can get uncomfortably dense with all the reverb and echo from different instruments running into each other. If the effects were toned down a bit the album would improve greatly.

Rating: 10/15 echo chambers

Angus MacLise-Invasion of Thunderbolt Pagoda

Angus MacLise Invasion of Thunderbolt Pagoda:

Equal parts avant-garde drone, indian classical, and psychedelic. MacLise and his collaborators create trance inducing music with eerie chanted vocals and random explosions of sound and intense percussion. The poor recording quality, negatively effects the music in a big way. On many tracks several instruments will barely be audible. An interesting listen, when you can actually hear whats going on.

Rating: 10/15 electric shamans


Faust Patchwork:

A seemingly randomly edited together mash up of unreleased material ranging from dissonant noise to folk songs. The random editing works for a few tracks, but for an album, it takes away from the potential of an archival Faust release. If there were a couple of tunes that got from the beginning to end without interruption, it would make this release infinitely better.

Rating: 10/15 try not being so weird points

Hawkwind-Electric Teepee

Hawkwind Electric Teepee:

As with most aging progressive rock acts the lure of corny synthesizer sounds and laughable vocoder drenched vocals seems inescapable. Fortunately the couple upbeat rock numbers, are actually quite good, and most of the forays into ambient textures are pretty decent to. Though theres quite a few moments that sound like rejected themes for Dr. Who. I have to hand it to these guys for trying something new, and actually putting together an album thats pretty listenable.

Rating:10/15 Lemmy Kilmisters

Lafayette Gilchrist-Soul Progressin’

Lafeyette Gilchrist Soul Progressin’:

An odd mix of soul music and experimental jazz, that doesn’t quite work. There are some interesting moments, but overall the album tends to lag and wallow in overly dissonant themes

Rating: 10/15 Not sure what you’re going for points

The Bran Flakes-I Have Hands

The Bran Flakes I Have Hands:

Sounds like a series of surreal commercials during the Saturday morning cartoons. Funky loops dressed up with flute solos give way to childish sing songing and back again. Its funny and interesting, but the schizophrenic nature of this album wears thin about half way through.

Rating:10/15 sugar syrup fairies

Magnetic Morning-A.M.

Magnetic Morning A.M.:

A modern shoe-gaze record. Its pretty streamlined with no extended guitar solos or instrumental breaks. The vocals and lyrics are okay as are the guitar parts, largely being well placed power chord affairs. The synthesizers and keyboards are the true focus, setting the albums mood and carrying the tunes. Not bad, but I think Magnetic Morning have yet to hit their creative peak.

Rating: 10/15 Inter-drivers

High on Fire-Blessed Black Wings

High on Fire Blessed Black Wings:

Metal which takes equal parts from The Melvins and Slayer. Theres a decent amount of filler on this album, but the strong tracks make up for it. The intro track and the title track rank as the two strongest.

Rating: 10/15 demon oriented  lyrics

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