Glasses – Self Titled EP

Glasses Self Titled EP:

It’s made in Germany! You know the German’s make good stuff, even hardcore music. This is defiantly angry stuff. Musically it’s very sold. Nothing super new, but done so well that you don’t mind. The female screams add a bit of a nice twist. She also screams about pissing a lot, so if you’re into that and hardcore music you should have a super boner.

Rating: 12/15 assuming that you’re wondering if the singer is hot or not and not if the music is any good.

Fantomas-Delirium Cordia

Fantomas Delirium Cordia:

Dark ambient music, filled with drills moans and other assorted vaguely medical sounds. Really good reading music which would also function as an excellent soundtrack. An interesting disk to listen to intently once in awhile.

Rating: 12/15 creepy sounds

Boston Spaceships-The Planets are Blasted

Boston Spaceships The Planets are Blasted:

Pretty much what you’d expect from a new Robert Pollard release. Catchy lo-fi indie pop riffs topped by Pollard’s sly lyrics. Isn’t quite up to par with his best material, but it is a strong release.

Rating: 12/15 Hardcore UFO’s

Bob Dylan-Modern Times

Bob Dylan Modern Times:

Dylan’s voice and lyrics ring true,  over well-played, but unexceptional rock numbers. The real issue here is that Dylan’s backing band never loosen up or take any sudden turns. Other than that this is a fitting addition to Dylan’s legacy.

Rating: 12/15 Name dropping Alicia Keys

Merzbow-Dolphin Sonar

Merzbow Dolphin Sonar:

Noises emulating and sampled from dolphins concocted into a brutal mass of noise which pummels you into complacency, and leaves you emotionally drained. Pretty cool stuff, not recommended for frequent listens.

Rating: 12/15 terrifying dolphins

Ocean-Pantheon of The Lesser

Ocean Pantheon of The Lesser:

If you like long stretches of big scary chords followed by a long quiet build up followed by even bigger scarier chords than this ones for you. If not then avoid at all costs. These guys epitomize what a lot of drone metal bands are going for.

Rating: 12/15 sunn amps

John Cale-Sabotage/Live

John Cale Sabotage/Live:

A set of abrasive punk interspersed with lighter tunes and more traditional keyboard heavy rockers. Musically top notch, Cale and his band flirt with many genres effectively, and manage an interesting take on punk in particular with awesome bass playing throughout. Cale’s lyrics can be a tad goofy at times, but never to the point where it ruins a song.

Rating: 12/15 Rockin’ violas