Ruby Isle-Night Shot

Ruby Isle Night Shot:

A classically trained composer and a scientist do a lame imitation of Cars style pop.

Rating: 5/15 Day jobs

Titus Andronicus-The Airing of Grievances

Titus Andronicus The Airing of Grievances:

The Killers get a BA in 20th Century literature.

Rating: 5/15 Albert Camus references

Raskolnikov’s Dream – Uriel

Raskolnikov’s Dream Uriel:

Jarring beats mix with the soundtrack to the original Zelda.

Rating: 5/15 Garage Band bands

Pink Razors – Leave Alive

Pink Razors Leave Alive:

Lame generic pop punk. Sadly there’s not much more to it than that. Oh wait, some female vocals.

Rating: 5/15 goofy haircuts and awkward myspace photos

Cynic-Traced in Air

Cynic Traced in Air:

A jumbled cluster-fuck of influences that comes out sounding like Dream Theater without the chops. The vocals are a true low point. Several times an effects treated vocal will come in, and another falsetto vocal will try and harmonize. The falsetto vocal never quite makes it so the listener is treated to some pseudo prog riffing topped by one singer that sounds like hes singing into a robots asshole mixed with another singer who’s singing in a high voice, and is off key. Way to go guys.

Rating 5/15: failed attempts at overblown prog-metal

Queen-The Cosmos Rocks

Queen The Cosmos Rocks:

Strictly for Rolling Stone subscribers.

Rating: 5/15 Desecrated legacies

Cut Off Your Hands – You and I

Cut Off Your Hands You and I:

Sub-Arctic Monkeys jangle mixed with off key crooning. Wonderful.

Rating 5/15 Music critics wondering what the hell happened to British rock