Baroness – Red Album

Baroness Red Album:

Hi, I’m boring! I try to be stoner rock but end up being generic and plodding!

Rating: 7/15 the EPs were better. I’m serious on this!

De Rosa-Prevention

De Rosa Prevention:

Musically this album is pretty interesting, I would place it halfway between Radiohead and Arcade Fire. The lyrics tend toward the whiney and pessimistic. The singers impression of Thom Yorke is also pretty lame. It might be a solid disk if not for the singer, but as is its a bit of a stinker.

Rating:7/15 terrible impressions of Thom Yorke

Heaven In Her Arms – Duplex-Coated Obstacles

Heaven In Her Arms Duplex-Coated Obstacles:

This is Envy using a different name right? No? Cause it sounds exactly like them. These guys have that whole spoken word into slightly muted screaming while the music does the whole quiet- loud dynamic post-hardcore thing down pat. Boooorrrriinnnggggg.

Rating: 7/15 artsy fartsy song title names

The Prodigy-Invaders Must Die

The Prodigy Invaders Must Die:

This is like all those recent releases by Nu-Metal bands. Dance Rock millionaires The Prodigy, are still trying to cling to the success and relevancy they had during the 90’s. These guys should be hanging out in their mansions not trying to stay relevant, because quite frankly that era is over, and I doubt its coming back.

Rating: 7/15 Bitches smacked up

Fat Worm of Error-Pregnant Babies Pregnant With Pregnant Babies

Fat Worm of Error Pregnant Babies Pregnant With Pregnant Babies:

Noise rock, with a hint of jazz. These guys can really play, but instead often choose to meander. The singer has an annoying squawk of a voice and rants dada-esque lyrics. This band really could be interesting if they focused on making good songs instead of bunking musical norms for the sake of bunking musical norms then recording it.


Graveyard Selftitled:

Graveyard is to rock what Ikea is to furniture

Rating: 7/15 snickers at funny accents

Drake – So Far Gone

Drake So Far Gone:

First, dude is an actor on Degrassi High and wants to be an R&B star. With that said, this isn’t a bad mixtape just generic. Some pretty sweat beats are found on this, but everything else is your run of the mill R&B. Most of the songs are about sex and women sung in the usual R&B way. Even Lil Wayne showing up four times can’t make this any more than a ho-hum affair.

Rating: 7/15 Canadian Teen Dramas

Iran – Dissolver

Iran Dissolver:

For people who think TV On The Radio are too interesting to be cool.

Rating: 7/15 Indie smirks

Mind Flayer – Its Always 1999

Mind Flayer Its Always 1999:

A terribly recorded piece of boring crap. Don’t get me wrong, I advocate Load Records and I double advocate anything either of the Brian’s from Lightning Bolt are involved in, but as often is the case the album fails to live up to the live experience. Save your pennies and go see them live. I attended a concert of their’s where almost all of their electronics failed, but they managed to maintain a ridiculous energy level with little more than drums, vocals and distorted tape hiss. They’re two of the nicest most approachable guys you’ll ever meet, and they deserve your money more than you do.

Rating: 7/15 Bitchin’ homemade masks

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