Nuggies – Heavy Hit

Nuggies Heavy Hit:

What an awful band name. This what a band who tours with the Kotton Mouth Kings should call themselves. Instead this Vermont based group is an Avant-garde IMD band. Awesome. The only real joy to be found on this two track EP is when the band is heard laughing and giggling during the 7 minutes jam “Heavy Hit.” The band just jams badly for seven minutes and calls it a song. Then they follow it up with song on bleeps and bloops, which is just annoying. The whole thing is just a waste of ten minutes.

It’s A Musical-The Music Makes Me Sick

It’s A Musical The Music Makes Me Sick:

Wimpier than thou keyboard driven indie pop. Everything about this album is soft, from the lightly harmonized vocals, to the brush stroke drums, to the keyboard presets. Oh yeah, and the lyrics really couldn’t be worse. Overall an annoying listen.

Rating: 4/15 cutesy lyrics