Why? Oaklandazulasylum:

Indie pop heavy on the electronics, produced by an artist more commonly associated with experimental rap. The lyrics are strong appealing to anyone who feels like an outcast. The music is an interesting mash up of indie guitar sounds and hip hop beats. The only album in Why?s catalog that sounds quite like this.

Rating: 12/15 Jewish indie rappers



Here is a rare album: an experimental rap album that’s good. It’s tough describing this album since it’s constantly changing through out. What I’m going to say is that it is well through out and executed. The beats are at first very minimalist, but upon further listens reveal more depth. The songs change scope from what seems to be pure abstractive poetry to then very direct political or personal messages and then back to the abstract. The vocals are delivered in a variety of styles, from what sound like sound collages to spoken wor to even legitimate rapping. While many albums like this are challenges to listen to, this one flows so well that one can hear the whole album over and over without becoming bored.

Rating: 15/15 not enough songs about hoes