Forever is Forgotten – The Architecture is Burning

Forever Is Forgotten The Architecture is Burning:

If one were to take Fantomas’ Suspended Animation album and shove the tracks together so they create 10 longish tracks, this the album you would get. The music jerks around constantly, unable to focus on one idea. The problem is that makes this album sound like it’s full of short demos crammed together, not thought out songs. There are glimmers of good ideas, but these quickly disappear to be replaced by something either annoying or just played out. The only consistent aspect of the album is the vocals that, regardless of song change, keep doing a monotonous growl. Hopefully their next release will be more thought out than this.

The Number Twelve Looks Like You – Worse Than Alone

The Number Twelve Looks Like You Worse Than Alone:

After listening to this, I’m disappointed. The first half of this album just falls flat. Bad vocals, lame music. Then it picks up and gets to show off why people like this band. So really an uneven affair that should have been cut short and called an EP.

Tardy Brothers – Bloodline

Tardy Brothers Bloodline:

So the singer and drummer from Obituary make an album. Obituary was boring, thus this also boring. It’s got some cool riffs, but those are run into the ground by the 5 minute mark. Also the vocals are grating after half a track.

Rating: 6/15 dudes with long greasy hair and sweat pants

Ra Ra Riot-The Rhumb Line

Ra Ra Riot The Rhumb Line:

Indie pop, heavy on strings. Not bad but the singer reminds me of a cross between the singer from Keane and the singer from The Killers.

Rating: 11/15 Bands made worse by mediocre singers

Cynic-Traced in Air

Cynic Traced in Air:

A jumbled cluster-fuck of influences that comes out sounding like Dream Theater without the chops. The vocals are a true low point. Several times an effects treated vocal will come in, and another falsetto vocal will try and harmonize. The falsetto vocal never quite makes it so the listener is treated to some pseudo prog riffing topped by one singer that sounds like hes singing into a robots asshole mixed with another singer who’s singing in a high voice, and is off key. Way to go guys.

Rating 5/15: failed attempts at overblown prog-metal

Cut Off Your Hands – You and I

Cut Off Your Hands You and I:

Sub-Arctic Monkeys jangle mixed with off key crooning. Wonderful.

Rating 5/15 Music critics wondering what the hell happened to British rock

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