Throbbing Gristle-Part Two: Endless Not

Throbbing Gristle Part Two: Endless Not:

Musically passable, dark ambient drifts keyboards drift around while muted percussion and jarring noise break up the monotony. Lyrically, Genesis really misses the mark. These might be his blandest lyrics and worst vocal delivery on an album to date. The tracks s/h e is credited with writing also rank as the worst on the album. Perhaps s/he should focus on Psychic TV as, poppier material seems to be coming easier to he/r these days.

Rating: 9/15 mild irritants of civilization

Green River Ordinance-Out of My Hands

Green River Ordinance Out of My Hands:

The offspring of Matchbox 20 and Three Doors down. Not a terrible listen, but absolutely nothing interesting or unique happens on this album.

Rating: 8/15 stylish outfits

Celeste – Misanthrope(s)

Celeste Misanthrope(s):

Even though this is hardcore mixed with black metal, it’s still really bland and gets old quickly.

Rating: 6/15 shitty musical Reese’s cup

Kevin Rudolf – In The City

Kevin Rudolf In The City:

This album is what I expect hip-hop like music made by a guy named Kevin Rudolf to sound like. In other words, this be bland yet not offensive. There are some good, guitar heavy beats on this album, but even the gnarliest guitar line can’t hide Dr. Rudolph’s weak rhymes. The man has no charisma and sounds the same on every track. The sole high points of this cd are when guests show up. So that makes for 9 boring, bland tracks and 3 one sort of worth downloading.

Rating: 6/15 loaves of Wonder Bread

It Prevails – Capture and Embrace

It Prevails Capture and Embrace:

Decent melodic hardcore. Doesn’t do anything new and you’ve heard the same sound plenty of other times. Still it’s not offense, just the tacks all kinda blend into one large screaming part with singing.

Rating: 9/15 chicks with snake bites and gauges.

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