Paul Weller-At The BBC

Paul Weller At The BBC:

A good mix of Weller’s three-chord take on soul music, and acoustic tunes. Spanning 4 CD’s one gets a feel for all of Weller’s lyrical capabilities, which are considerable, and his knack for crafting simple tunes. Weller has the fortune of having a great backing band, that completely understand the mood of each tune. Weller has aged more gracefully than most and gone through several distinct creative periods, many of which are represented here. A solid release.

Rating: 13/15 Jams

Roses Kings Castles-Selftitled

Roses Kings Castles Roses Kings Castles:

Sounds like music for a British children’s TV show, but not in a bad way. Decent disk of charming indie pop.

Rating: 11/15 Smiling Brits