Andrew W.K. – Close Calls With Brick Walls

Andrew W.K.: Close Calls With Brick Walls

Andrew W.K. has harnessed his frantic energy and actually produced a good album. The songs all rock, but aren’t about partying. Shocking! Rather they seem to be partially drug fueled metaphors about his experiences in the music business. Fun and catchy this music shows off Andrew’s musical abilities well. He has managed to mix his love of the piano well into these guitar anthems. A shame it was only a limited release in the US.

The Kickdrums – Just A Game

The Kickdrums Just A Game (2009)

These guys have pulled of what RJD2 could not. They have gone from awesome producers to awesome indie singers. Where as RJD2 dropped any sounds of his previous efforts, The Kickdrums have incorporated their previous sound and melded it perfectly with their singing. This change isn’t a surprise since they have always made beats that were more melancholy than menacing. The songs here would fit in perfectly on any hipster’s iPod or even on the radio. It’s all catchy and the singing fits the music perfectly. A wonderful album to listen to with the significant other on a lazy Sunday.

Horrific – Your Worst Nightmare

Horrific Your Worst Nightmare:

It’s unusual to have the words catchy and death metal put next to each other, but this is exactly what we’re dealing with. Slasher Dave, of Acid Witch fame, has decided to make the soundtrack to a non-existent 80s horror movie. And like a pack of zombies, this cd just shreds. While the bass and drums are competent this cd is all about the riffs and solos. All of them are catchy and make yo just bob your head. The vocals are a combination of death metal gurgles and shrieks, but it fits the music. Plus the lyrics are hilariously tongue-in-rotting-cheek.. This is for any metal head or horror movie fan.

mewithoutyou – It’s All Crazy! It’s All False! It’s All A Dream! It’s Alright!

mewithoutyou It’s All Crazy! It’s All False! It’s All A Dream! It’s Alright:

Mewithoutyou are back with another honest album. What it’s honest about is a little hard to tell. Aaron Weiss’s lyrics have become more obscure, but also remain meaningful. While they all seem to have a religious overtone, one can read more than in each song. Aaron’s voice is powerful and his singing has improved greatly. The band has never sounded tighter nor have they been so musically experimental; dabbling in straight-up indie rock, zydeco music, and other unexpected genres of music. Tubas, xylophones, and even baptist revivalist choirs are heard sprinkled through the album. While on paper this sounds like a mess, but Michael Weiss and the rest of the band are more than capable of pulling this off and making it catchy. This is the best that mewithoutyou has released so far and that’s saying something considering their string of good releases.

Danny Echo – Self Titled

Danny Echo Self Titled:

This is decent Power Pop from Vancouver. It’s hard to name a contemporary band similar to this, but the album does have the feeling of something that early 90s radio would love. The lead singer’s voice is powerful and used well. There are also some great vocal harmonies through this album. Some songs do fall a bit flat, but these are made up for by the good moments, like when the piano is broken out. Also many of the songs are insanely catchy, showing off the bands ability to match good hooks with enjoyable choruses. Definitely a solid full length from a band that will probably be feathered on the soundtrack to a show like S.C.R.U.B.S.

Mike Posner & The Brain Trust – A Matter of Time

Mike Posner & The Brain Trust A Matter of Time:

This really should be worse than it is. Most of these songs are like reading some lame dude’s blog about love. But there is great production and also the songs are catchy. So it’s not super bad, but you may feel embarrassed if you friends catch you listening to this even if you are a girl.

Rating: 9/15 Justin Timberlake clones


Wavvves Wavvves:

A pretty standard indie rock album, with lots and lots of fuzz. Apparently that constitutes noise rock these days.

10/15 meh points

Boston Spaceships-The Planets are Blasted

Boston Spaceships The Planets are Blasted:

Pretty much what you’d expect from a new Robert Pollard release. Catchy lo-fi indie pop riffs topped by Pollard’s sly lyrics. Isn’t quite up to par with his best material, but it is a strong release.

Rating: 12/15 Hardcore UFO’s

Gentelman Reg-Little Buildings

Gentleman Reg Little Buildings:

A solid pop album with fairly complex clean-tone guitar arrangements. Reg’s voice takes a little getting used to, but fits the songs perfectly once you’re used to it. Every element of the disk from the lyrics to the drumming manages to be unique and inventive, without sacrificing its catchiness. A really enjoyable album.

Rating: 13/15 Canadians

A.C. Newman-Get Guilty

A.C. Newman Get Guilty:

Solid indie rock,  fairly diverse song arrangements keep this album interesting throughout. Not my favorite album, but its fun and there aren’t any bad tracks.

Rating: 12/15 Catchy tunes